When it comes to Japanese and Asian food, Newcastle only has a handful of great places. And even fewer who offer Japanese for a decent price. So when Sohe first opened last year, I was obviously keen to try it out. Having heard great things about the cocktails, I headed there with the girls. We spent the night working our way through the cocktail menu, piles of dim sum and rendang. After filling our faces, we all agreed we'd be back soon. But somehow, I just didn't get around to going back. So after getting invited along to sample their new lunch menu, I couldn't wait. After visiting for an evening meal, I thought Sohe's food was lush, but expensive. Their lunch menu is much more reasonable though, offering two courses for under £10.
jumper: Cooperative | skirt: Topshop | boots: Kurt Geiger | coat: Vintage | watch: Daniel Wellington

Somehow we've managed to fluke a bit of good weather over the bank holiday.. so it feels a bit strange uploading this outfit post while I'm sat on the balcony enjoying the sun! But it was only shot a couple of days ago. I'm still feeling pretty motivated about blogging, so after stuffing our faces at the Boiler Shop, me and Charissa headed for a wander around Ouseburn. And of course take a couple of outfit shots. Unlike today's glorious weather though, it was a bit overcast and with massive food babies from the Steamer, I was a bit of a reluctant subject. I'm still getting over the awkwardness of style posts.. and realising how hideously unphotogenic I am. But bear with me, while I'm getting back into the swing of things! I'm starting to feel like I'm getting a bit more direction (and frequency) with my content. Which can only be a good thing, right?
With the exception of the last couple of days, we're still in that in between season. Most days it's still been cloudy and a bit too cold to leave the house without a jacket. Or at least a pair of tights. Don't get me wrong, I do love autumn/winter (especially for fashion), but I'm ready for the sunshine now. I'm ready for bare legs weather and loose fitting linen dresses. One good thing about our slightly unpredictable spring weather is that I can still get away with light jumpers like this. So I've been making the most of getting my wear out of this Cooperative ribbed jumper. It's the sort of top that makes me feel like I'm in a Wes Anderson film. I love the colour, the shape and the knit. And even though I knew when I was buying it, that it's definitely not going to be jumper weather for much longer, I couldn't resist. Clearly still a sucker for that 70s vibe right now. Or Urban Outfitters. Or both maybe.
As the weather starts to shift, I'm hoping I'll still get away with it for a little while longer. But I'm not going to lie, as soon as I see a bit of sunshine and it's feeling a bit hotter, I'm not really one for layers. And with my trip to Cape Verde quickly approaching, I might change my mind after a week in bikinis.. I can't help but think that as soon as I've got a tan, I'll be in full summer mindset and ready to pack away all my knits. Weather permitting of course. I mean just because we've fluked a couple of nice days, doesn't mean I'm naive enough to think we're out for tropical weather for the rest of the season. Here's hoping though. Here's really hoping we luck out this summer.
Life has been busy lately. Sometimes the best thing to do over a long weekend is to take a step back and get some rest. But sometimes the best thing to do is to keep busy. To fill your days with things that make you happy. And fill your hours up by spending time with people who make you smile. This weekend, much like the last few, I've focused on doing the latter. I've always been the sort of person who loves being busy. So when things aren't quite right, the best medicine for me is to flood my senses. Or throw myself into being productive. And what better way than with a visit to the Boiler Shop Steamer?

I'm not sure how it's come around so fast, but the months seem to flying this year. And the start of the month, is always made for the Steamer. Every first weekend of the month, the event brings together some of the best food places in the city. Since Charissa hadn't been, it seemed the perfect place to spend yesterday afternoon. There's nothing I love more than wandering around the old Stephenson Works. It's the perfect medley of food stalls, drinks and live music. What better way to get lost for a few hours? And if you're in Newcastle, it's all back again tonight. I don't want to fill this post with words. Which probably sounds strange coming from a writer. But I think the photos say enough.
There's not many places with a great cocktail menu, good food and amazing views of the city. So The Botanist is a welcome addition to Newcastle, taking over the shell that was Monument Mall. It's one of those places I've been meaning to write about for months now. I was lucky enough to get invited along to their opening and enjoyed sampling a LOT of their cocktail menu. And like Sarah, I kept thinking I'd get around to writing about it when the buzz died off. Since they're always so packed, no matter what night of the week it is. But yeah, that's not quite happened yet. Not many places still command a queue outside their door on an afternoon five months after opening. Yet The Botanist is still managing just fine most weekends. After visiting on a few occasions, I thought it was about time I got along for a proper review. So cameras in tow, me and Charissa headed along a couple of Saturdays ago. There's nothing like enjoying a few Saturday afternoon cocktails and a feast. And even better having it served up with amazing views of Grey Street. If you're looking for an impressive place to take someone for dinner or drinks, you can't beat floor to ceiling windows with views on the pretty street in town, then look no further. With graduation creeping up in the next couple months, I'd definitely recommend looking at booking somewhere like The Botanist. The mixed menu means that there's something for everyone. And the views of Newcastle can't be beaten. So whether your family is from the North East or not, it's still going to have that wow factor you want for your special day. But anyway, I'll get on with telling you about the food, shall I?
Photo Finish Primer Water | Be Legendary Lip Lacquer | Be Legendary Lipstick | Double Exposure Palette | Photo Filter Creamy Powder Foundation
All makeup c/o Smashbox

When it comes to makeup, I'm more than happy to admit I'm a bit of a novice. I wouldn't know where to start with contouring and my eye makeup is limited to mascara and a bit of liquid eyeliner. But honestly, the real reason is that I'm lazy. I like to spend extra hours in bed. So when it comes to everyday makeup, I like to get my face on fast. Other than my eyeliner, I don't tend to emphasise any of my features. Particularly my lips because they're just so teeny tiny. Honestly on any passport photo / driving licence / serious shots, I look like I'm petrified because my eyes look enormous compared to my little mouth. But recently, I've been experimenting more with darker shades. And even lipliner. Not Kylie Jenner style though. I have no intention of drawing my lips on to compensate for lack of fullness. One thing I have been on the hunt for though, is a decent red lippy. A red that doesn't dry out my lips or leave my teeth looking a strange colour. And after a super exciting meeting with the Smashbox ladies, (and a pretty sick goody bag), I think the hunt might be over. I've never used such an easy to wear or hydrating lip colour. My old red was a matte shade that dried my lips out so much. And although the colour looked great on a night out, it was a pain waking up to dry and cracking lips. This little beauty contains shea butter and vitamin C and vitamin E, so it doesn't dry out and it provides a layer of protection for your lips. Not to mention that the shade, Legendary, is THE perfect Marilyn Monroe esq, glamour red. As you can see here (a couple of outfit posts ago), it's the perfect little pop of colour to dress up an outfit.
I've never used a primer before, or seen the benefits of adding one to my makeup bag. But after getting my hands on Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer Water, I'm a convert. It's not something I'd use every day though. Since I've got dry skin, I'm always put off by the idea that it'd make my face feel caked in makeup. But this is actually really light. And it's perfect for when I need my makeup to last just that bit longer. Just a couple of quick spritzes and it holds your makeup on your face for hours. I always think that going on a night out is the best test for making your make up last. And after spending the small hours dancing in sweaty clubs, I can confirm that this stuff stops it shifting an inch. Without it making your face look like it's made of plasticine.

I'm still yet to try out the powder, the eyeshadows and the gloss. I'm waiting to try the powder when I have a bit more of a tan. I'm quite a yellowy / olive skin tone, but right now I'm pretty pale from winter. So it's just a little too dark to wear now. The gloss has had me a little conflicted. Am I a gloss person? Not sure. But the colour is such an amazing wine red, I don't think I can resist trying it (so watch this space). The eyeshadow is Smashbox's new Double Exposure palette. Unlike your usual eyeshadows, these are state of the art pigments that are activated with water. Meaning you actually have twice the amount of colours to play with! I'm not a massive eyeshadow person because I'm not sure I have the right shape eyes, but I love the idea of how creative this palette lets you be. I'm going on holiday in a week and I can't help but think that this would be the perfect eyeshadow palette to pack because of all the possibilities it allows you! So I might be reporting back soon on its performance...
With my holiday just around the corner, I've been making an effort to cut out eating rubbish. Work has been pretty busy lately so meal times seem to be a bit of a rush. One thing I've realised lately is how much easier and faster it is to eat crap. Healthy lunches and dinners take a lot more thought and preparation. But one thing I have found that's easy to make and good to eat are eggs. Poached, scrambled, boiled. You name it and in the last couple weeks I've probably eaten it. In the last week I've been making the effort to get up a little earlier and boil a couple of eggs before work. That way I get to tuck into avo soft boiled eggs for breakfast, and hard boiled egg and steamed vegs for lunch. Since we've only got a microwave at work, I'm pretty restricted with what I can prepare. But then British Lion Eggs got in touch and offered me this electronic egg boiler and a little inspiration with their egg recipes online. This little baby lets me boil and poach eggs, as well as steaming vegetables. And after checking out some of British Lion Eggs' recipes, I'm full of ideas for healthy lunches. Like how good do Gizzi Erskine's Turkish eggs look?! So now I feel a lot less restricted with my options. Just in time for what looks like a week of late nights in the run up to the launch of Precept's new website and a whole bunch of pre-holiday deadlines. At least I'll not have my bikini body to worry about though!
jumper: BDG, skirt: River Island, watch: c/o Links of London, sunglasses: Rayban, bag: Mulberry, boots: Kurt Geiger (similar here)

Over the last couple of weeks there's been a slow transition from the dark mornings and cold nights. There's a hint of spring in the air but it's still not quite warm enough to switch to my summer wardrobe. We're definitely getting there. For the last couple of weekends I've been able to get away with lighter coats and bare legs. Although I'm not quite ready to pack away my jumpers. I picked up this BDG jumper the other day in Urban Outfitters and it's perfect for this in between transitional season. It's made from 100% cotton and was reduced from £45 to £30! It's just a little on the slouchy side and I had to downsize to an XS. I can already tell it's going to get plenty of wear.
Considering I started the day with nothing much planned, yesterday turned into a pretty packed day. The sun was shining and I was craving a good brunch so me and Sarah decided to head to Jesmond. Having never tried out OCC's Harvest Canteen, it seemed like a pretty perfect spot to spend our morning (review coming soon). And after stuffing our faces, it was still a bit too nice outside to go home. So camera in tow we headed into town to shoot a couple outfit photos, (and treat myself to this Chanel lip liner). Although it was bright and sunny, it also happened to be blowing a gale. So we headed to Central Arcade to get a bit more shelter. Although it still proved to be a bit of a wind tunnel. Although there's only really Cath Kidston and Space NK that I'd venture into, Central Arcade is such a nice place to wander. I love the detail and its intricacy. I just wish that it was filled with independent boutiques where I could spend hours browsing. Or a second hand bookshop where I could pour over yellowing paperbacks and their musty pages. Who knows, someday it might be.