With my holiday just around the corner, I've been making an effort to cut out eating rubbish. Work has been pretty busy lately so meal times seem to be a bit of a rush. One thing I've realised lately is how much easier and faster it is to eat crap. Healthy lunches and dinners take a lot more thought and preparation. But one thing I have found that's easy to make and good to eat are eggs. Poached, scrambled, boiled. You name it and in the last couple weeks I've probably eaten it. In the last week I've been making the effort to get up a little earlier and boil a couple of eggs before work. That way I get to tuck into avo soft boiled eggs for breakfast, and hard boiled egg and steamed vegs for lunch. Since we've only got a microwave at work, I'm pretty restricted with what I can prepare. But then British Lion Eggs got in touch and offered me this electronic egg boiler and a little inspiration with their egg recipes online. This little baby lets me boil and poach eggs, as well as steaming vegetables. And after checking out some of British Lion Eggs' recipes, I'm full of ideas for healthy lunches. Like how good do Gizzi Erskine's Turkish eggs look?! So now I feel a lot less restricted with my options. Just in time for what looks like a week of late nights in the run up to the launch of Precept's new website and a whole bunch of pre-holiday deadlines. At least I'll not have my bikini body to worry about though!
jumper: BDG, skirt: River Island, watch: c/o Links of London, sunglasses: Rayban, bag: Mulberry, boots: Kurt Geiger (similar here)

Over the last couple of weeks there's been a slow transition from the dark mornings and cold nights. There's a hint of spring in the air but it's still not quite warm enough to switch to my summer wardrobe. We're definitely getting there. For the last couple of weekends I've been able to get away with lighter coats and bare legs. Although I'm not quite ready to pack away my jumpers. I picked up this BDG jumper the other day in Urban Outfitters and it's perfect for this in between transitional season. It's made from 100% cotton and was reduced from £45 to £30! It's just a little on the slouchy side and I had to downsize to an XS. I can already tell it's going to get plenty of wear.
Considering I started the day with nothing much planned, yesterday turned into a pretty packed day. The sun was shining and I was craving a good brunch so me and Sarah decided to head to Jesmond. Having never tried out OCC's Harvest Canteen, it seemed like a pretty perfect spot to spend our morning (review coming soon). And after stuffing our faces, it was still a bit too nice outside to go home. So camera in tow we headed into town to shoot a couple outfit photos, (and treat myself to this Chanel lip liner). Although it was bright and sunny, it also happened to be blowing a gale. So we headed to Central Arcade to get a bit more shelter. Although it still proved to be a bit of a wind tunnel. Although there's only really Cath Kidston and Space NK that I'd venture into, Central Arcade is such a nice place to wander. I love the detail and its intricacy. I just wish that it was filled with independent boutiques where I could spend hours browsing. Or a second hand bookshop where I could pour over yellowing paperbacks and their musty pages. Who knows, someday it might be.
At the moment I'm in the weird sort of position where I've got more posts piling up than I have time to write.. I seem to be out nonstop taking photos and gathering content for posts. And now I've got a bit of a backlog. So although Mother's Day was a couple of weeks ago, I'm just catching up now! Anyway.. Joe Blogs Network got in touch and asked how I'd like to contribute a review to Millennium Hotel's Guide To Newcastle. And with Mother's Day creeping up, I thought what better way to treat my mam than to afternoon tea from Olive and Bean. Which is without doubt, the BEST place in Newcastle for afternoon tea. We opted for the Even More Luxury Afternoon which comes with two glasses of prosecco, luxury sandwiches, olives, home made scones with clotted cream and jam (or cheese with spiced chutney and butter), home made cakes and bite size berry salad, teapigs tea and two glasses of prosecco. And priced at £28 it's a pretty reasonable treat for two people.
coat: vintage, top: BDG, skirt: Cooperative, thigh high boots: Kurt Geiger (similar), watch c/o Links of London

In my last post I mentioned stepping up my blogger game. I'm getting a new focus on my blog instead of putting it to the back of my mind. Or treating it like it's a chore. A camera upgrade, a new outlook and a hand from a bloggers like Charissa and Sarah, has helped. Obviously. But a lot of stepping up was about changing my mentality. Not worrying about what to post and being more organised with my posting. Although that's arguably still in progress.. But I guess what's changed is that I've stopped focusing my energy on negative stuff. And actually I'm back to being excited about stuff. Clothes especially! Lately I've not stopped buying. You know when you go for months without getting anything new? None of your usual high street haunts seem to be getting it right. Nothing really floats your boat. Then all of a sudden it's like all the bits for your perfect wardrobe is EVERYWHERE. Yeah that.


I'd say it's pretty safe to say that everyone has an era that they've got a style affinity with. It's that 'wish I'd be born back then' feeling you get when you see the shapes, the fabrics, the prints. I'd always say mine is the 60s. But right now I'm loving the early 70s vibes that are all over. Gimme all the A line skirts please. Like everyone else with eyes and decent taste, I've been lusting after that AC for AG skirt. I want it. More than anything else. But at its pricetag, and with 2 pending holidays, I can't have it. Luckily for me this Cooperative dupe from Urban Outfitters is the perfect antidote. Since I got it the other week, it's been like some sort of second skin. And like all A lines, it's so ridiculously easy to wear. The top is BDG made from a sort of woven cotton. I love the elegant little neckline. It makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. You know the bit right near the end where she nips out for food with Fred? Casual but with an ever so slight old-world elegance. Especially when paired with my new favourite red lipstick, Smashbox Be Legendary.

This sheepskin coat is an old favourite that works perfectly. Proof that charity shops are worth the hassle, I came across it for £15. Thick and cosy, it's the perfect coat for wrapping up in. Or compensating for bare legs against the wind. If for some reason you're stupid enough to decide to brave the not quite warm enough weather without tights. Well almost warm enough.
How to be a better blogger. Or What's In A Name? Or Why I Should Stop Worrying So Much. As you can gather this post had a few titles. And it's something that I've been turning over in my mind for a long time now. Last night I realised something. Something that I've been aware of but not quite acknowledged properly.

First of all, I've been thinking for probably the better part of a year about my blogging. About where it's going, what I want from it and what ultimately I need to do. In my full time job I work as a brand manager. I'm somewhere between an account manager, a copywriter, and a social media strategist. I help my clients to figure out the personality of the brand. And I create a voice for them that helps them to spread their message. My daily life is about helping define other people's brands, creating communications plans and helping them market themselves online. So why have I failed to practise what I preach? For a while now my problem has been my blog name. Raspberry Kitsch. When I first set up my blog in 2009 it probably had some kind of meaning. Now it feels a bit twee. It doesn't really fit the content I want to create and so I want to change it. I want to make something more of my blog, and have it as a platform that relates more to my professional life. I'm already taking steps to improve content. I'm going to photography classes. And I've been meeting up with other bloggers like Charissa to shoot more outfits. But my name is still a sticking point. And I'm torn between tearing everything up and starting fresh (and what the repercussions are for things like Domain Authority and Page Ranking), or trying to persevere. And it's the confusion of making a decision (ie forcing myself to think of something better or sticking with what I've got) that's winding me up.
Ok so here's a confession, when it comes to London, I am clueless. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I've only actually been a handful of times. Over the last few years I've had more and more mates and colleagues drift down to the big smoke. But I've not really felt that pull. I guess in part it's because I've never really got to know the personality of the city. I don't feel like I've ever explored it properly. And it's probably because it's so bloody far away. By the time you've paid for a train and a place to stay, it ends up costing a fortune. So when Travelodge got in touch to tell me they wanted to treat me to an overnight stay, how could I resist? And obviously London had to be my first choice!
Summer Collage
sunglasses | leather tote | fedora | scalloped edge one piece | mom shorts | Bumble & bumble surf spray | Birkenstock Arizona | Triangl bikini

I've got summer on the brain. All of a sudden the nights are getting lighter and I'm waking up to sunshine instead of street lamps. It's not just me though. Healthy eating and fitspo pics have started flooding my instagram feed. Bikinis are starting to appear back in stores and the 'Holiday Shop' has started making its way back into the categories of my favourite online stores. I'm sick of layering and wrapping up. I'm ready for days spent lying in the sand with a good book. And feeling the sunshine on my skin. So really it's not surprising that in the last few weeks, as my wanderlust hit a high point, I decided it was time to start making summer plans. But with the warmer months still seeming years away, I wanted a little early season. Cue the headache of finding somewhere warm where the weather is reliable early in the year.

Turns out your options are fairly limited. Unless you're looking at Caribbean cruises or heading south of the equator, there's not a lot of places you can venture with guaranteed sunshine in April. And then I stumbled on Cape Verde, a lush cluster of islands just off the coast of Africa. With crystal clear, turquoise water and white sandy beaches, Boa Vista seemed like the perfect little paradise to spend a week in the sun. So I'm starting my summer wardrobe planning a little early. I want simple, pieces like little crochet tops that I can throw over a bikini and some little denim shorts. Straw fedoras, thick black birks and huge sunnies at the ready. Simple leather bags that I can throw over my shoulder, full of books and sun cream, when I'm heading to beach. Bumble and bumble styling spray that I can spritz into my salty, sun-bleached hair before heading out for an evening meal.

I'm a big fan of holidays where figuring out what to wear isn't a hassle. So the outfits I'm planning are low maintenance. I'm already making pinterest boards and planning my holiday reading list... any recommendations?