birthday bashes and bargains


Just a quick outfit post.. One of my best friends has got her birthday next week so i've been at a tea party at her mam's house.
The skirt is a new purchase, inspired by the lovely Yaz. It's from asos and I spotted her wearing it in one of her blog posts a few weeks back (she has it in white). When i had a look on the website it was reduced and I loved the shape of it so thought why the hell not treat myself. (because I am meant to be going on holiday in december and should be saving money...that's why not. Anyway that's another story....). It only came the other day and I'm a massive stickler for material and cuts of fabric but I love it! It's nice and heavy with plenty of material so it hangs really well.

Isn't it funny when the one time you're trying to save money you find a load of things you need/want to buy?? Well I'm having one of those phases right now!! I need to be saving money for a trip in December (more about that when I'm more organised!) but right now all I seem to be doing is finding things I need. one of the funny things I've noticed since I finished uni is that I need lots more 'grown up' clothes. I've always been into classic shapes but I think as I've got older I'm becoming more conscious of looking professional. plus I managed to scored an interview for an internship at a PR company in newcastle so i need to make sure I have plenty of smart outfits! fingers crossed!!

top: Topshop, skirt: ASOS, bag: Zara


  1. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Love your bag!
    And congrats on your internship!


  2. that bag is brilliant! and congrats!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

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  3. Love that bag!! I almost bought it in felt/black. Thanks for the comment on my blog. If you're still interested the Equipment blouse giveaway lasts until September 26th so you're totally on time to enter!


  4. Great outfit, I love the skirt so much and the top is darling with it!


  5. I love your bag! :D
    Good luck ;)

  6. You look so cute!! I love the skirt especially.

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  8. ce sac est superbe, j'ai hésité longtemps à l'acheter!


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