Indian summer?

Ok so maybe I spoke too soon about our Indian summer in the North East. Today it has rained ALL day. Never mind! I've still had a good day catching up with friends, and watching films with my Mam. In a gesture to the crazy weather (the UK's Indian summer) we watched Salaam Bombay. All in all it's been a lovely, lazy Sunday.


This is my favourite scene: Krishna and Manju dancing in her mother's bedroom

For those who haven't seen it, Salaam Bombay focuses on the lives of street children in India. Mira Nair's cinematography is fantastic capturing the vibrancy and the fast pace of life in Mumbai (or Bombay as it was then). This is a film that will captivate and fascinate you then break your heart. It's Nair's tribute to the darker side of life in India from drug addiction to prostitution, a far cry from the sequins of Bollywood. The acting is all brilliant, but it's the street children that steal the film. Selected from actual street children they deliver a raw and realistic portrayal of life in India.



  1. Still sunny here! Hope it lasts but I know we're not that lucky x

  2. Sounds like a good film, will watch that if I get the chance, it's still been so sunny down here in the south east muaha x

  3. Indian summer has to be amazing and the film too :) I'm following

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  4. Sounds really good! Happy Monday hun xx

  5. Scent of change in air:) hope winter come soon.

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