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Ok, I'll admit it's a bit soft but is this not the best notebook advert you've seen, ever?

Field Notes: Red Blooded from Coudal Partners on Vimeo.

Being a writer and self-professed compulsive list maker, there's nothing I love more than nice notebooks. But then I've always loved looking at other people's scribbles. It's a little voyeuristic about it. A few months ago Tina did a great post on her travel moleskine. Major notebook envy. Very kindly she included more photos that you can see on her flickr account.. perfect if like me, you enjoy taking a peek at other people's scribbles...


  1. I have to check this out! I also love writing... but am totally old school - I can't get into online journaling :)


  2. Not only best advert, but also best notebook I have ever seen, I love the pop up parts of it! :) I have to admit, I don't keep a notebook with me at all, I mainly have one with recipes and blog posts in :) xx

    Ps - thanks for telling me about the Lana Del Ray interview, I'm intrigued to watch it now xx

  3. ahhh gosh I'd never read 'English Muse' before but I LOVE it! I love notebooks too, can't be without my moleskine diary :) x

  4. Great blog! =)



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