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After A's post about my birthday Barcelona trip, I've been feeling really nostalgic about uni. There are so many hilarious, cute and embarrassing photos on facebook that sum up three years worth of misadventures in Newcastle, so as a graduation present I decided to make two of my best friends, Becky and Rach, a photo book full of memories. We met each other in the first week and right from the beginning have been there for each other through the good and the bad. I started with our chubby faced freshers photos and worked right up to the days before graduation (and of course leaving space from our grad pics), then added quotes from our favourite films, poems and sayings. I used this quote from a W B Yeats poem as the opening one for the book because I know when we're little old ladies with our knitting we can look back and laugh at what terrors we were. A little work but a lot of memories.

I miss having all my girls up in Newcastle together!


  1. What a sweet idea, loving the new look but the links down the side don't work... intrigued by the portfolio tab! Bessy xox

    1. Thanks Bessy! I'm glad you like the new design, it's still kind of under construction though (hence why some of the links don't work yet- hopefully they will soon though!)

      Hannah xx

  2. That Yeats quote makes my heart melt. x

  3. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep posting!


  4. Such a great idea, to make a scrapbook about university! I'm jealous that you have so many photos/memories too, I think I have only about two photos from my university years, I preferred to be the one behind the camera :)! xx

    Ps - I love your new design :)


  5. Inspiring and great fashion concepts!


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