dancing and doughnuts

You know sometimes when there's so much going on that it's making your head spin? That's how I feel at the moment. I'm about to start a brand new chapter so this weekend has been all about celebrating: drinks, dancing and eating Krispy Kreme at 2am..

Last week, Krispy Kreme got in touch to say they were sending over another batch of doughnuts from their new Kreme de la Kreme range. At the time I was working at Shift and promised the guys that I'd bring them into work. Unfortunately for them by the time I'd got home to the delivery, everyone in my house had already started tucking into them! Until my original sample box, none of my family had tried Krispy Kreme.. it didn't take them long to understand what the fuss was all about. I was sent a selection of the newest flavours: salted caramel, chocolate praline fudge cake, pistachio & white chocolate nougat, and butterscotch sundae (much to my Dad's disappointment because his favourites are the original glaze).

krispy kreme

The pistachio & white chocolate, and salted caramel ones proved very popular but I managed to save a couple of butterscotch sundae doughnuts to bring to Cata's.. Nothing like coming in from a night out and stuffing your face with Krispy Kreme!


  1. There you go, this is me stuffing my face with delicately tasteful Krispy Kreme donuts. How to resist to such delightful samples? Hannah, it's all you fault but I forgive you for that. In fact, next time you could get some more (maybe the chocolate pralines fudge cake would be ok) xxxxx

  2. I have to say I totally agree with your dad - the original glazed are definitely my favourite :L Such a bore! :L

  3. I agree with your Dad and the comment above. Original glazed doughnuts are my all time favorite. I love pairing it with strong coffee. I'm so craving for one right now.

  4. yees)) i agreee with your dad))

    Angela Donava

  5. Krispy Kreme are the best! All of those flavor combos sound amazing, and it's nearly lunch time now so of course I'm starving.

  6. I still haven't been, the thought of salted caramel is probably enough to convince me though!

  7. Officer Layford is right... original glaze is the best! x

  8. oh krispy creme! i remember eating them everyday when i was in brighton!!

  9. Love This!

    I'd love for you to check out my blog!



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