The Crack Magazine Street Style

For the last few months I’ve been shooting trendy looking people for The Crack’s Street Style page.

the crack magazine street style
the crack magazine street style
Picture 6

You all know already that I love people watching, so obviously I love scouting for the best dressed folks in Toon. Photographing street style though turns sartorial admiration it into something of a sport, because when trendy people wander past you usually they’re on their way somewhere and not going particularly slowly. The reality (as I’m sure you can imagine) usually involves me chasing after trending people or jumping out on them like a nutter to try and get them to stop for a photo and a little chat! Luckily most people are fairly understanding and usually quite flattered when I do stop them.. probably doesn’t stop them thinking I’m a weirdo though for running after/jumping out at them in the first place. On Thursday night I was snapping away at The Sons of Bido Lito and Wicked Whispers gig at The Cluny. They’re both very 60s inspired bands, both in sound and in style. I'm already good mates with the Bido Lito lads, it was great meeting the guys from Wicked Whispers. They worked really well together, and their were plenty of stylish people to photograph! I’ll share some photos of the gig soon.


  1. Awesome pictures! Barrie is my favourite, I hope I'm that cool when I'm 62!

  2. I agree with Frances, Barrie is awesome!!! Also, this is such a cool project to be working on. I kinda like the idea of just doing this for fun... :P Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams
    The Shaanti Project <--If you're reading this, you should like this page :D

  3. Fabulous street style selections, darling!


  4. sounds like so much fun!


  5. You're so brave - I'm trying to get the funding for a university magazine at the moment and one of the things we're proposing is a 'style on campus' thing where I'm supposed to find fashionable students and photograph them for the issue - but I'm terrified at the idea of having to stop people I don't know :L

  6. Great pictures & nice selection !!


  7. Love the photos with the bike. Is your city bike friendly? Mine isn't so. Sad.


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