Today I woke up on the right side of the bed. It's been one of those days where you just wake up in a great mood, feeling really productive! Definitely something I haven't felt for a while.. So in the interest of not letting it all go to waste, I decided to put all my energy into getting on with those monotonous jobs that are required in order to be a successful (and slightly smug) adult. I cleaned my room, the bathroom, the sitting room and the kitchen. I did my laundry. I bleached the bin. I cleaned out the fridge. In fact, I cleaned everything in the whole goddam place. (Except for my flatmate's room. Cos you know, that would be a bit weird.) So anyway.. when the OCD cleaning (yeah thanks for that, Mother) was all finished and I'd made sure that everything was looking all nice and shiny, I started to think about the next most important thing to any proper grown-up.. my wardrobe.

With the sunshine beginning to make a semi-regular appearance, I've started to think a lot more now about warm weather clothes and how to build up a wardrobe for the new season without emptying out my bank balance in Zara. Although I'm trying to go too mad with new purchases, I have updated some of my basic t-shirts with new ones from The White T-Shirt Co. (I promise I'll post outfit photos soon you can see them on!) But in general I'm trying to exercise a little restraint because I've got pieces from last year, (like my Uniqlo gingham trousers), that I still love and know I'll end up living in over summer!

So far I think I'm doing ok though and I've managed to be quite careful, but I have got some new purchases to share! One thing I have been doing lately though is finding a few key pieces for a lot less than I expected to pay. Namely these Birkenstocks that I managed to get my hands on in TK Maxx for only £25! I've been a fan of Birks for a long time now, and I've had my last pair for a good five or six years. But since they're a glossy red, I thought the matte black would be a nice new addition. They're so comfy and easy to slip on and off, they make the perfect beach shoe.. but then are smart enough to shove on with a dress. They didn't have any of the double strap ones, but since I've got very narrow feet, I thought they might look a bit strange on me anyway! So I'm sticking with the single straps for now. What about you? Have you started sorting out your summer wardrobe yet?


  1. I still have no idea about my Summery wardrobe though since it's soooo hot in Bangkok, TH atm! xx

  2. Love Birkenstocks, and these matte black ones are so pretty. Also those Uniqlo trousers look great, gingham is great in Summer x


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