mildly irritating

I seriously do not get where some people get their energy from.
It really must take a lot of effort.
I have no patience for you.

Rant aside
I am really in love with this…..


But two issues:
1. Can I justify spending this much (when I probably can’t use the old “it will last forever and it will never go out of style” line -which I used to get my bayswater- in connection with an electric blue bag)
2. Is it likely that this may be reduced at some point since its not one of the “icons”??

Hmmmm things to think about.

On another note
I saw such a lovely film at Tyneside Cinema last night. Its called The First Movie


It was really refreshing to see a representation of Iraq as a country, which did not immediately conjure images of warfare and hatred. If you get the chance to see it I really recommend it. The director Mark Cousins was also there and had a little chat about making the film which was nice. he seemed so excited that there were so many people at the screening too which was cute.

Also- I have some v cute pics to share soon from a little trip me and some of the girlies (and Ria’s pal william) took to Beamish. More on that soon I promise…for now I need to get back to Delbo and I can assure you it is not light reading……

Ah and another thing….I betrayed Ms Quick and stepped out in tights for the first time this year…(well that’s sort of a lie because i wore a pair to Tyneside cinema last night) but it was freezing in the Toon today so who can blame me?

P.s. thanks to Regan for my award. its very sweet of you!


  1. October 21, 2010 / 1:43 am

    one thing I always try to ask myself before splurging on an item is will this be in style for a few more years? sometimes i end up buying things anyway!

  2. October 22, 2010 / 9:24 pm

    Blake looks stunning here : ) Hope you have a lovely wknd babe xx

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