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So the whole country seems to have gone absolutely berserk about the Royal Wedding, and with the excitement mounting for tomorrow’s nuptials I thought it seemed only right to mention…

As everyone currently resident in the UK will tell you only too well, the wedding is literally the only thing which is being discussed. Beside the multitude of bank hols which have fallen on us, it does seem like the whole thing is getting a little bit tedious…


Ok so this was taken in Sunderland so pretty extreme example.
still there’s something I find a little bit creepy about being able to buy replica Princess Diana/Kate Middleton engagement rings in Primark… perhaps a sign of a little step too far?

Now of course I am going to tune in for the wedding (albeit probably not the full ceremony), partly because it’s history…partly because I want to see what she looks like (and who she’s wearing). Money appears to be on McQueen- and as Lorraine Candy tweeted: ‘if it is McQueen we should celebrate royals supporting British fashion industry: 2nd biggest employer in UK’

Don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing against the Royals, and I do love the Mario Testino engagement photo


You’ve got to admit she’d make a pretty hot queen, and its nice that people are being so enthusiastic- even in a time when there are so many mixed attitudes to the monarchy. I just think the wedding fever may have been taken a little too far.

Then again maybe I’m just bitter because they’d sold out of clotted cream in morrisons…


  1. April 29, 2011 / 1:01 am

    I know the wedding is an important event…but wow, that window display….haha

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