Maurizio Anzeri

These last few weeks have been beyond hectic, but I’ve been getting a lot of opportunities to write which is brilliant. I’m back helping out with bits and pieces at The Crack Magazine, and last week Joseph mentioned he’d been to the Maurizio Anzeri exhibition at the Baltic, assuring me that if I went I would love it. Turns out he was right. Plus it was nice to have a little wander around the quayside, even on such a dreary day.

Anzeri’s pictures are fascinating, he takes old portraits and embroiders onto them creating new images. I’ve always loved racking through old photo albums. There’s something very voyeuristic about being able to see a tiny snippet of people’s lives. The same goes for old postcards. I have dozens of postcards – I particularly love the christmas time ones- which i will have to post on. I love how personal each of them are.

Now i have a whole week off and a holiday in the sun to look forward to. Me and a very good friend are heading to Messonghi in Corfu for a weeks worth of sun, sea and sand. I literally can’t wait.


  1. August 19, 2011 / 9:51 am

    Oh that picture is amazing! I have never seen anything quite like that! Thanks for sharing!
    Jess x

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