girl crush: Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevingne


I adore Alexa Chung, and I think this photo of her and Poppy Delevingne is gorgeous. I love both of their outfits, especially how the colour of Poppy’s skirt seems to jump out at you against the colours of the landscape. I found the photo on a post on Laura Bailey’s blog, on the Vogue UK website, and it was taken in Grasse.
I love how laid back their style is that it seems almost effortless.

In other news… I’ve been asked by the lovely Fen to contribute to her feature ‘Five Easy Pieces’. I’ve decided what I want to include for them and I need to get it all sent over to her so keep your eyes peeled (although i’m sure I’ll post about it again when it goes onto her blog!) I’m also still hard at work at The Crack Magazine finishing off the guide, ringing businesses up, checking details and generally running around like a maniac to make sure everything is ready to go to press for the beginning of September. Good job I like to be kept busy….


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