p is for pattern cutting

As you can see, exciting news about my pattern cutting progress.. today was a cloudy day so instead of lounging around outside reading, I actually managed to get some work done!

Pattern cutting

After mocking up my pattern in white cotton, I was desperate to make a start on the real thing so on Sunday I decided to take a trip to Newcastle to visit John Lewis and Fenwick’s haberdasheries. I had hoped for a kind of moss green gingham for it but had no luck and was just starting to get disheartened when I stumbled on this browny/beige and cream striped cotton.. which I also proceeded to buy in blue and cream for my next project..
Anyway, so the pieces are all cut and sewn together along with the collar.. now all that’s left to do is add the binding for the arm holes, the roule loops for the collar and finally the drawstring around the waist.. so if all goes to plan I could actually be sharing finished photos tomorrow!

That is unless it’s sunny.. in which case I may be sucked back into lying around and reading The Paris Wife.. Literally I haven’t been able to put it down in the last couple of days! Reading it, I’ve been swallowed into Paris in the twenties and found myself quickly becoming obsessed with the young and intoxicatingly passionate Hemmingway. I’m actually a little shamefaced to say I haven’t read any Hemmingway, but after this I will definitely be doing so. I already have a copy of A Farewell to Arms in my ‘to read’ pile and I’ve just ordered A Moveable Feast. Honestly why can I not shake the overwhelming urge to run away to Paris? Can you see me as a impoverished writer living in a rundown appartment in Montmartre drinking cafe sans lait and scribbling away in a tatty moleskine.. No?


  1. July 26, 2012 / 3:35 am

    OMG! That looks cute! ^.^

    xo – David

  2. July 26, 2012 / 4:59 am

    How awesome!!! My mom is a seamstress and even though I can hardly sew, seeing patterns and projects like this always make me wish I was better!

  3. July 26, 2012 / 8:27 am

    Looks pretty good, excited to see how it turns out x

  4. July 26, 2012 / 2:16 pm

    So excited to see how it turns out!


    P.S. The nail wraps are fairly easy to apply ~ give them a try!

  5. July 26, 2012 / 5:12 pm

    the only thing i can handle sewing are holes in my socks, this is pretty cool. can't wait to see it all finished πŸ™‚

  6. July 27, 2012 / 1:38 am

    The fabric you chose is just perfect! I've loved following along with this project, I can't wait for the final results πŸ™‚

  7. July 29, 2012 / 5:30 pm

    Perfect ! I love this look & your blog is great ! Following you now, would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it ! xx
    See you around beautiful

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