Coast to Coast

And no, I am definitely not referring to the bike ride. Coast to Coast is one of Newcastle’s newest restaurants and of course when I was invited to their VIP opening night, I jumped at the chance. Like I’ve said before, I’m not really a foodie but I am greedy so I guess that works for food reviews.. Anyway, I didn’t really know a lot about Coast to Coast, other than that it was billed as an American restaurant so I was expecting a TGI Friday style burger bar but what we got was so much more! I brought Lucy along with me and as soon as we walked in, we were greeted by Josh with a glass of prosecco and asked to pose for our photo with an Eagles player. I’m not really a basketball kind of girl so I couldn’t tell you who he was, but later in the night the waiter brought us both a print out of the photo.

zara floral dress

Once we were sat down the friendly Devin introduced himself as our waiter for the evening and brought us over a garlic bread as we perused the menu. After a lot of deliberating, and with two cocktails appearing at our table, I opted for the bbq chicken fajitas and Lucy, (being a veggie.. cough cough), chose the goats cheese baked wrap served with sweet potato chips.

coast to coast newcastlecoast to coast newcastlecoast to coast newcastle

Now one thing about Coast to Coast is that they certainly do not skimp on portions, and as the food arrived Devin brought over a bottle of wine so by the time the desserts arrived everything was beginning to get a little hazy. Despite that we powered on and shared the baked vanilla cheesecake served with blackcurrant ice cream and a generous portion of chocolate and walnut brownie. By the time we stumbled out with our goodie bags we were pretty much ready to burst.

Now that would have been a lovely end to the night if the following had not happened: I broke the zip on my dress.. Now just to be clear, I know I’ve just told you we had quite a lot to eat but I had broke it as I put it on.. not through overeating. The problem (which I didn’t realise until trying to get back out of it) was that some of the teeth of the zip hadn’t knitted together properly.. so when I tried to unzip, it came to the teeth blockage and got stuck. This is where discovering that you no longer have the body of a 15 year old becomes very distressing. Whilst half unzipped we (because by this point I was that panicked that Lucy had to get involved) tried to get it over my head. When that didn’t work we tried the other way.. And when that didn’t work I panicked and ripped the teeth of the zip open and eventually burst out my dress. All very distressing.. but then the situation was somehow miraculously rescued by my amazing (drunken) ability to fix the zip, so when I woke up the next morning it was all back to normal. So it was a happy ending after all..

dress: Zara


  1. September 9, 2012 / 7:44 pm

    Delicious post. Very cool that your dress survived!


  2. September 10, 2012 / 2:59 am

    Sounds like a great evening! I just had a zipper-freak out the other day…nothing worse than something going wrong with what you've planned to wear, because nothing else will do!


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