Krispy Kreme and creative collaboration

Ever since I had the second box of doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, I had the guys at my work moaning at me about when I’m going to be getting another so I could take it in for them. Luckily the lovely folk at Krispy Kreme were more than understanding about the Precept lot sulking and happily sent a box of their Kreme de la Kreme range to the studio.

krispy kreme gatesheadkrispy kreme gateshead studio preceptkrispy kreme gateshead

Right now we’ve got loads on with organising the Shift launch event in addition to balancing workloads for new and exisiting clients, so a little sugary pick-me-up was definitely just what everyone needed! Within minutes of the courier leaving (and as I was trying to take quick snaps), the guys dove straight into the box and devoured the chocolate praline fudge cake doughnuts.. closely followed by the salted caramel. Luckily, I managed to bag myself one before they vanished! In case you didn’t already see it, you can catch our post on Krispy Kreme on the Shift blog here. Many thanks again to Krispy Kreme!

On a slightly different note, me and Alex went off to the Northern Design Centre today to attend the Rise & Design event on Cost Effective Design. It was really interesting morning and we were treated to some very valuable talks; in particular Jim Dawton presented a strong argument on the benefits to companies of investing in design. After the talks we were able to present a mini pitch to the 40 or so attendees about Shift, to promote the project and get a little more exposure. Although I’m not by any means shy, it was a little nerve-racking to get up and speak in front of a group of professionals! Thankfully I had Alex with me and I think we worked well together to get the message across. Later on in the morning, we got quite a few compliments, and managed to generate a lot of interest and positivity about the project. Alex‘s background is in illustration and I think part of the reason we complimented each other when presenting was because we have different perspectives as a result of our different disciplines. There were quite a few things she picked up on which I may not have noticed or mentioned, and it’s always good to be made to think about something in a different way. Although design and aesthetics do interest me, working with a load of creatives I’m more aware than ever that I am definitely not a designer. I’ve also realised over the last fews weeks just how much I’m learning from being in Precept and working with Shift. And how important it is for different creative disciplines to work together and learn from one another.


  1. October 13, 2012 / 3:05 am

    OMG. Everytime I visit your blog, I get reminded of Krispy Kreme's. I had a cupcake the other day. I'm sort of cross training now. It is so hard to resist these sugary sweets.

  2. October 13, 2012 / 7:27 pm

    Booo, Krispy Kreme is no longer in Canada. I can't believe those came from there!?! They look like mini cakes from a top notch bakery! Yummm, now my mouth is watering!

    xo Jenny

  3. October 13, 2012 / 8:37 pm

    I know I've never actually met you but I'm sure things are only going to get better, it's clear that you're intelligent, creative and determined and I think that's a recipe for success! It's always good to learn new things, good luck! X

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