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With my holiday fast approaching, I’ve spent the weekend (kind of) trying to get myself organised for going away, so it seemed very fitting when Next got in touch and asked me to share a post about the kind of things I usually include in my carry-on. When it comes to hand luggage, I usually always end up overpacking. I try to stay concise but I seem to just get carried away with adding more and more ‘essentials’. There are a few bits and pieces I’d always include though…

next handbag post

1. Next Bag

Since I like to carry my whole life around in my handbag, I’m a big fan of oversized bags. I chose this Leather Neutral Black Zip Tote from the Next handbags collection, because it’s a great size. It reminds me a little of my giant Zara bag but this one is perhaps a little more convenient for travel because it has a zip at the top.

2. Cath Kidstone travel wallet

I invested in a Cath Kidstone travel wallet earlier this year because I always have a nightmare with documents when I’m in the airport. I find travelling (well getting to the airport and getting checked in- the flying bit is fine) stressful enough as it is. I’m usually always the person who has forgotten something so when I get to the terminal, I’m usually in a panic spiral trying to rack my brains as to whether it’s something REALLY important that I’ve forgotten. At least with this I know all the important stuff is in one place!

3. Sol Republic Tracks Ultra Headphones

Usually I’m not a fan of headphones but I was sent a pair of these Sol Republic Tracks Ultra Headphones back at Christmas time and they’re honestly the comfiest things I’ve tried! The sound quality is amazing and they’re perfect for plugging in and zoning out.

4. iPhone 5

Kind of a given- my phone is pretty much attached to my hand constantly.

5. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Fetiche

I love the Rouge Coco colours but I haven’t found a shade that I really love yet. The Rouge Coco Shine colours are a little more subtle and very hydrating. 

6. Kindle Paperwhite

I got a Kindle last Christmas and I’m still in moral turmoil about it- which mentioned in a post a few months back. I still love buying book but for convenience (and to stop me filling my room with countless paperbacks) it’s ideal. I’m a big reader and a quite quick one so it’s great being able to load it up with plenty of books before my holiday.

7. Rayban Clubmasters

A relatively new purchase -I’ve loved Raybans for years and invested in Wayfarers a while back. Unfortunately I’ve got quite a small head and the Wayfarers are a little too big for my face. The Clubmasters on the other hand are the perfect fit (and allow me to look down without them falling on my face). 

8. Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

Usually I always use Chanel Inimitable Instense, but a friend bought me this a couple months back. I’d been tempted to try it when it first came out after seeing all the hype but wasn’t sure whether to invest. At first I wasn’t so sure but now I’ve gotten more used to it, I love the brush.

9. Moleskine notebook

Being a writer and compulsive list-maker, I always carry a notebook around with me. Moleskine are usually my first choice being hardwearing, nice to look at with decent quality paper. 

10. Zara cotton scarf

Whenever I’m travelling (no matter where it is) I tend to pack a light scarf or pashmina in my hand luggage. I always get really cold when I’m on the plane so i like to keep one of these to wrap myself up in during the flight. Plus they’re useful for when you get to your destination for throwing over your sunbed! 

11. Carmex lipbalm

I’m absolutely addicted to this stuff. If you haven’t tried it, you need to grab a pot. There’s always at least one in my handbag no matter where I’m going.

12. Clinique Moisture Surge Intense

The aircon on planes is really dehydrating and since I already have very dry skin, it can be uncomfortable if I don’t have a moisturiser to hand. Having used the Clinique 3 Step for a long time now, I’ve recently made the switch to the Moisture Surge Intense which is a lot creamier and much more hydrating.

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