Presents for picky parents

Usually I’m pretty good at buying presents for people- I tend to come up with quite thoughtful gifts (usually that I’d like to be given myself), but when it comes to buying for my Dad, I’m useless. Which is pretty inconvenient given it was Father’s Day yesterday!


I have no issues buying for my Mam since our tastes are pretty similar with most things so I usually just choose something I like! My Dad is a different story though because he’s one of those people who isn’t really fussy – there’s a few things he likes a lot: golf, whisky, vintage watches, ties (to name a few). But he’s very fussy about them! It’s no good me trying to choose something golf-related because he knows what he likes and just buys it for himself anyway.. so while I was away on holiday, mulling over what to pick him to go with a nice bottle of duty-free aftershave, when I got a lovely email from the nice people at Groupon solving my problem by offering me a gift voucher. Groupon Vouchers are a perfect for when you can’t choose something because they offer a great range of discounted products and experience days. With most voucher sites it can be hit or miss, but every now and then you come across the perfect deal. My Dad has already bought a couple of golfing days through the site so I figured that this was something handy for him to keep until a great offer came up!

What did you get your Dad for Father’s Day?


  1. June 18, 2013 / 9:50 am

    My parents are really difficult to buy for so I really should consider gift vouchers or buying an experience.

    But thankfully for me my parents generally dislike most consumerised present buying holidays! 😉 xxx

  2. June 19, 2013 / 11:20 pm

    Oh! That is a really great idea. I am seeing my dad next week and haven't thought of anything yet. thanks for the idea!


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