(back)packing for an adventure


I hate packing. I’m a self-confessed over packer and I convince myself that I can’t survive without a choice of clothing suited to a variety of weather possibilities and occasions. I justify it to myself by saying things like, ‘well if it rains I’d be stuck if I didn’t have..’, ‘oh this will be perfect if we decide to go for drinks at..’ Even when I think I’ve packed lightly, I still seem to go overboard. I’m off on an Epic Kielder weekend of adventure on Friday with LG, so naturally I’m having issues about packing. Not only am I trying to figure out what to take (and how to dress for the bizarre range of temperatures that the UK seems to be experiencing right now), but I also feel like I need a new bag to take with me for during the daytime.

A while back I mentioned being on the hunt for a decent backpack. Even though I’m not usually a rucksack person, I’m after a little leather and canvas number. I guess I still really regret not investing in one of the Coyote backpacks! And my upcoming adventure in Kielder has reignited my search. There’s nothing that says adventure more than a backpack! We’ve got a full itinerary of activities throughout the weekend. From archery to bike rides and ferry trips, it’s going to be action packed and I can’t wait to get away to the countryside for a few days!

I want a backpack because it seems like an easier way of carrying all of my essentials without feeling like I’m lugging them around! Plus with all of the beautiful scenery, I’m keen to bring along my SLR… I’m trying not to tempt fate but since there’s no kayaking or canoeing on our schedule, hopefully there’ll be no accidents! Since Coyote don’t appear to be shipping to the UK right now, I’ve been on the hunt for alternatives and stumbled on Zalando. Although I found the site through searching for backpacks, I was surprised to find the number of brands they stocked! From the coveted Benetton style, offering classic trench coats and the perfect plain, grey jumpers, to Hunter wellies and French Connection.

After spending a while perusing the site, I came across a few backpacks that I think would be perfect for my Kielder adventure. For some reason, I’m drawn more to men’s backpacks than women’s. I think it’s mainly because they’re often plainer and more of a classic shape. I love this Vans backpack and the French Connection one, but to be honest the smaller Royal RepubliQ backpacks in the olive green and navy are probably a more practical size. Especially when I’m only going to Kielder for two nights. Still, a girl’s gotta be prepared. Right?


  1. September 2, 2013 / 9:09 pm

    ahh I love backpacks! this is such a great selection 🙂 I keep thinking I should get one to take to work with my now I walk in x

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