Organised mess


The last few months seem to have flown by. With plenty going on in and outside of work, I feel as though life looks like a jumble of projects that I’m working on right now and things in the pipeline. So one thing that has been more important than ever is staying organised and this new ipad case (which is also doubling as a document holder) has been helping keep my handbag organised. Along with jotting ideas down in my filofax notebook, I’ve filling my kindle with books for work and highlighting relevant passages like a mad person! I’m spending this weekend continuing to catch up on my reading and (hopefully) use the long weekend to bring my blogging up to speed.

Although my time is being stretched thin at the moment between Precept stuff and personal projects, it doesn’t all feel like hard work. Mainly because I’ve been totally absorbed. A couple of new clients have brought fashion branding projects to the table, which has meant there’s been crossover in my personal interests and blogging. It’s exciting to be working on something that I already have so much interest in. And pretty sweet to be able to spend my afternoons flipping through fashion magazines and call it research. One of the clients is a really cool company specialising in organic cotton clothing. Their visual style is really minimal and unbranded and I’m really looking forward to sharing more with you all soon. For now all I can offer is a sneak peek of The White T-shirt Co‘s holding page! Don’t worry though, I’ll be able to tell you more about them soon.


  1. August 25, 2013 / 7:47 am

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  2. August 25, 2013 / 4:28 pm

    I love your iPad case!! That's so great that you're working on something that interests you so much, it definitely makes getting up and going to work in the morning way easier! xx

  3. August 25, 2013 / 6:37 pm

    cute blog and love your case! 🙂

  4. August 26, 2013 / 1:05 am

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