Dr Martens Newcastle Launch: Boots, bloggers & bruises



Ok so I have to admit that when I first heard there was a Dr Martens store opening in Newcastle, my first thought was that it really wouldn’t make that much difference to me. In my head, it was always a brand I associated with ‘big goth boots’. When I was a kid I had Docs: black patent leather with multi-coloured stitching and brightly coloured floral boots. But they were never something I thought I’d go for now. I’m not the sort of girl who could pull of a pair. At least that’s what I thought. But when I was asked to come along to the launch event along with fellow NE bloggers Fen, Katy, Carla, Charlotte, Sandra, Helen, Charissa and Rachael, and told I could pick a pair to style up, I thought it was worth keeping an open mind! As I mentioned in my post a couple of weeks ago, I found a pair that were perfect after stumbling on the Kensington Collection. These boots are made a little differently from the more traditional DMs with their thick Air Wair soles and famous yellow stitching. So after falling in love with a pair of black velvet chelsea boots, I couldn’t wait to get along to the launch event!

As well as getting a chance to meet some of the girls for the first time (although I always think it’s a bit odd when you meet people in real life for the first time after spending months chatting on twitter!), I was looking forward to seeing which boots everyone had picked. And it was funny to see we’d all chosen different ones! Although I chatted a lot to Charlotte and Carla, I only had the chance to say a quick hello to the others so I really want to arrange a get together with the girls so we can catch up in a not so crowded space!








At the event itself we were treated to live music, local lager from Anarchy brewery and amazing Asian tapas from Electric East, along with a very generous 50% discount! I treated myself to a satchel and picked up a little present for my brother (not sharing any photos at the moment though because it’s his birthday soon and I don’t want to spoil the surprise!) But I promise I’ll be sharing my purchases soon!

I’d already had a little sneaky preview of the store, going in a couple of days before to pick up Katy’s boots for her, so I kind of knew what to expect. But honestly, the place was too packed to appreciate the decor! With artwork from Prefab 77 and leather chesterfield style seating, I love the layout! And I really want this limited edition Dr Martens print from Prefab 77. I think the main surprise I had with Dr Martens is the range of footwear they offer, and the store had a really good pick! From brogues to chelsea boots to traditional DMs, I wasn’t really sure where to look most of the night. And since the event was packed, it was a very frenzied shopping experience! After the launch event, we headed across to Pleased To Meet you for the after party. With prosecco flowing and Dr Martens boots as flower pots, it was the perfect end to the evening. Although I suffered a little at work the next day for overindulging and woke up with some spectacular bruises… which made me feel glad I’d relied on Fen for photos instead of taking along my SLR…

Huge thanks to the amazing O team from OPR for inviting me along and doing such a fantastic job running the event!


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