Cold weather, Clarins and the pursuit for clear skin…


I’m the first person to admit that I’d never make much of a beauty blogger. I find decision-making hard enough at the best of times without being faced with countless lotions and potions all promising me perfect skin, or the ultimate ‘better than your real lip colour’ pink lipstick. So as a result, I tend to slip into routines. For as long as I can remember I’ve relied on Clinique three step, and only recently changed my routine slightly by shifting from the Dramatically Different Moisturiser to Moisture Surge Intense. However, with the cold weather coming my skin has been getting worse and worse. It’s not just dryness, I’ve noticed active eczema as well as dry patches, and to top it off more break outs! So in the pursuit of clear skin, I’ve been turning more to other brands in the hope they can help clear and balance my skin out. If anyone knows of any miracle cures then send them my way!

A few weeks back, the lovely marketing team at Fenwick got in touch regarding a promotion they were running on Clarins products – where if you bought two skincare products then you got this cute makeup and to choose four samples from a selection of eight different products. I’ve always loved the smell of Clarins, but it’s never been a brand that I’ve felt overly familiar with. I’m not really sure why but I’ve never been tempted to invest in their products so it was great to have the chance to try them out. In particular I was keen to try out the cleanser and moisturisers. In general I try to only wash my face once a day to stop all of the natural oil from being stripped out and I tend to find most cleansers leave my skin feeling quite dry. However I found the Gentle Foaming Cleanser left my skin feeling smooth and clean but nicely hydrated. Followed up with the HydraQuench Cream, I found my skin felt supple and like a layer of goodness had been locked in. It’s a lot thicker than the Clinique moisturiser I’d usually use but it melted into the skin just as easily. As well as a change in my morning skincare routine, I adapted my night time regime slightly. I’ve never really used night cream before so I was excited to see the effects. Skin behaves differently at night when the body is resting and this luxuriously thick cream left my skin feeling ridiculously velvety. The perfect indulgence before bed time.

Now comes the not so great part… Unfortunately, what with Berlin and my recent bad blogging habits, I didn’t get a chance to write anything while the offer was still on! Still, I’m sure that Fenwick will be running plenty of offers in the run up to Christmas.. I’ll keep you posted.


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