A few weeks ago, I told you about the treasures I got to rummage around at the Vervia’s Vintage Attic event, and promised to share. Although the atmosphere was a bit frenzied in the house as vintage lovers tried to politely elbow each other out of the way, I tried not to get sucked into buying things for the sake of it. I’m proud to say I only came out with two purchases (albeit one of them consisted of two items). My favourite by far, was this gorgeous 50s houndstooth two piece. It was the top which caught my eye, and tried on with my favourites leather skirt, I fell in love straight away! The thing was, it came as a set. I thought £45 for the sake of the top may be a little overkill, but couldn’t quite bring myself to put the set down. So eventually talked myself into getting it on the premise that I would find SOMETHING to do with the skirt.

The problem is that I just can’t get away with long skirts. I’m pretty short and all of my height comes from my legs, so I prefer to wear things above my knee. (That way I can at least create the illusion of tallness). But when I got the two piece home, I started toying with the idea of keeping the skirt for myself but raising the hemline to slightly above the knee, to give it a more modern feel. I snapped these photos when I first got back from the event, so the skirt and top are both in serious need of pressing.. but I wanted to capture the length of the skirt before I started hacking away. However, I need to confess… although I’ve taken a little off the length, I’ve not had much time to sit and stitch it yet. It feels nice to have a little project though and I can’t wait to share it when it’s done.

Outfit details:
top & skirt: vintage (from Vervia’s Vintage Attic event, heels: Kurt Geiger

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