What with the chaos of moving this past week, and the intense cleaning (which pretty much took over my weekend), I feel as though it’s been ages since I’ve just had a chance to sit and write. Spending time after work getting the flat ready to move in at the weekend, has definitely taken its toll on me… my arms are aching and covered in scratches and my skin’s a mess from a combination of muck, dust and domestos. There’s nothing quite like bleach to give you blotchy skin. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to enjoy a little pampering when it came to my beauty regime, after Fenwick got in touch about the latest offer to grace their beauty hall, a lovely Lancome set worth £112 that comes free with any two products. It’s a pretty good all-rounder, offering a selection of makeup, including hyponose volume mascara, a black eyeliner and nice, quite natural pink shade of lipstick. As well as a selection of cleansing products, moisturisers and anti-aging treatments.

The set comes with Tonique Douceur, a softening and hydrating, alcohol-free toner, which was cooling and fresh, leaving my skin feeling clean and silky. I’m usually a firm believer in Clinique but having a slight breakout at the moment, it’s been nice to have a little change from my usual product. It has a slight cucumber fragrance leaving my skin feeling very refreshed, and since it’s alcohol free, it didn’t leave the kind of burning sensation I sometimes experience with toners containing alcohol. The set also comes with Bi-facil non oily cleanser for sensitive eyes. Made up of two liquids, the bottle needs a little shake before use but forms a strong makeup remover, which feels really gentle on your eyes. Since I wear a lot of eyeliner and mascara, I use Avene eye makeup remover, but find that it can sometimes feel very harsh on my eyes and this is nice and gentle, but strong enough to take off the majority of your makeup with just a couple of swipes.

The set also includes a soothing, anti-stress moisturiser and recharging night cream. Both of which are lightly whipped so become absorbed easily into your skin without leaving a thick residue. I’m usually pretty committed to Clinique moisturisers and other than trying out the Clarins night cream, I tend to just use my regular moisturiser on an evening. I’m not sure why but I always think my skin feels weird after moisturising at night so I’m not wholly convinced by using rich night creams.. still I’ll see how I get on with this. Along with the moisturisers, the set includes a couple of anti-aging products: Hydra Sen Yeux neurocalm eye contour gel and Advanced Genefique youth activation concentrate, both of which are probably going to be gifted to my mam.

If you’re interested in checking it out, the promotion is running until 23rd February. You can find out more either on Fenwick’s Twitter or Facebook page too!


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