This year seems to have flown over. I can barely believe that it’s December next week, let alone that it’s been a full year since Cal’s Own’s last birthday party! Never the less, I made sure I brought my appetite along with me and headed to Heaton with my favourite ladies to help celebrate. After last year’s celebrations and the mountains of pizza, I knew Cal could put on a good spread. This year, he pulled out all the stops. Proving that while he’s still nailing Brooklyn style pizza pie, he knows a thing or two about a whole host of other dishes. From italian meatballs, lemon roasted chicken legs, Sicilian pizza, and more, it was a feast to put last year’s festivities to shame. And with the wine flowing all night, we took full advantage of stuffing out faces.








Two years might have flown by, but you’re still the best pizza place in the Toon. Happy bloody birthday, Cal’s Own!

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