There’s something pretty indulgent about staying in a hotel in the same city that you live in. So when Tune hotels got in touch and asked if I’d like to stay over at their new place on Side, I couldn’t resist bringing the girls along. Since we all live in the same city, it’s rare that we all get to get ready together. And it seemed like the perfect excuse to grab a few bottles of champagne, dress up, get drunk and pretend that we were on The Hills.





Perched on the bank just up from the Quayside, Tune hotel is literally in the perfect place to start your night. So we knew that after spending a couple hours getting ready, we’d be able to just stroll straight up to Alvinos to start the night. We could check into the room from 3pm, but since none of us planned on staying the night, we headed across at about 7pm to explore. The hotel itself is pretty modern but they’ve retained the original emerald green tiles that anyone who visited Kublai Khan will remember. It’s the kind of simple, clean minimalism that comes with a small price tag, but sets Tune apart from the likes of the Travel Lodge and Premier Inn by giving it a bit more personality.


Knowing that I was bringing the girls along, we’d been booked into a twin room to give us a little space to get ready. Inside, the decor was kept pretty simple with a nice wooden floor, a huge full length mirror that was perfect for pre-night out selfies, and plenty of room for dancing about like lunatics. The only qualm we had was there seemed to be a distinct lack of surfaces.. other than a small bedside table and a little desk in the corner. The idea behind Tune hotels is to keep things simple, offering you just the basics you need. They’re not luxury, but they’re nicely designed and a clean place to lay your head. Their no frills approach, means you have to pay to add on extras that you might expect to usually find (like towels and a hair dryer). But they’re perfect if you’re looking for a budget city break. Or if you just resent paying over the odd for a place to sleep. And with rooms for as cheap as £15 (if you book in advance), you’ll be left with more money to spend on a nice outfit… or in our case, champagne to start the night!





  1. November 3, 2014 / 11:51 am

    Stunning photo's!

    Please let me know if you would be interested in following eachother on GFC and Bloglovin.Would love to stay in contact.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

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