I’m happy to admit that when it comes to bags and shoes, I’m a snob. No matter how much I love the style, if I don’t feel like the craftsmanship’s there then I won’t invest. So that means bags and shoes MUST be leather. But it’s not just to do with quality of materials. Since I’m pretty sentimental and I get attached to my stuff, it makes more sense to buy pieces that will last. Right now I’m not exactly in the market for a new bag, but thanks to Klein and Kate, his gorgeous (practically model) gf, Parka and the Leather Satchel Co’s collaboration started appearing on my instagram feed. And of course I couldn’t help lusting after their full collection.



The collaboration between the two British brands’ came about from a ‘mutual respect for their aesthetic and quality’. And the result? A beautifully timeless range of hand-crafted unisex leather bags. They’re somewhere between a classic tote, and a vintage children’s satchel. I love the thickness of the leather and its sturdiness. They’re the sort of bags that just get better with age. And you know that as the leather starts to wrinkle and crease, you’ll love it even more than the first time you slung it over your shoulder.


Photos by Klein Borrill


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