Joules Breton top | Joules necklace | Topshop skinny jeans | Joules fur stole | Tom Ford lipstick | Dior IT lash | Joules slippers

In my family Christmas Day is all about relaxing, opening presents, watching films and over indulging with food and fizz. We don’t have a very big family, and so since we don’t have a whole host of visitors (or have to go around the houses making visits to relatives), there’s no pressure to even get dressed. Let alone dress up. Usually I go between picking something comfy like a striped breton top, skinny jeans and slippers, or stay in PJs before changing into a cute party dress for dinner. I tend to keep my makeup to a minimum too, opting for simple eyes and a statement lip. After all, I’ve usually been treated to a few skincare goodies to pamper myself with, so it’s a good excuse to give my skin a rest from foundation. I’m not going to lie since we don’t go out, I’m usually tempted to go fully make up free. And I’m pretty much guaranteed to still be in PJs until tea time, so right now I’m favouring a minimal fuss type of outfit like the one above. Picking clothes that are easy to wear, and accessorising with a few pretty pieces

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