With Spring just around the corner, and a holiday booked for April, what I really should be doing is kickstarting some sort of healthy eating. There’s definitely something about the cold months that makes you crave comfort food and cake. And since it’s the season of lots of layers, there’s plenty of ways to disguise the signs of overindulging.. but after a pretty lavish week food-wise and an amazing feast at the supperclub at Cookhouse on Thursday, it seemed daft to start now. And when I found out a friend was up this weekend, it made sense to head to one of my favourite places in town for coffee and cakes! Well the weekends are made for a little indulgence, right?
Cafe Royal is one of the worst kept secrets in town. It’s pretty much the only decent place in the city centre where you can get brunch til later on a Sunday. Their food is always consistently good. And their cakes are ENORMOUS. I went for pineapple and passionfruit cheesecake for a change, but their raspberry scones are always a good choice. Served with homemade jam and clotted cream, they’re pretty much a meal in themselves. Although looking through the pictures this morning, I feel like I could definitely eat it all again! In between stuffing our faces, we were trying to discuss our upcoming London trip at the end of the month. Since we’re all dotted around the country, we decided to arrange a little girly weekend, so we need a plan of what to go and where to see. I’m going to be putting together some posts before our visit, but if anyone has any ideas for places to go, or recommendations, please share them! For now, I’ll leave you with major cake cravings…


  1. February 21, 2015 / 8:55 am

    Randomly found your blog and can’t express how I like it!
    It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to say that you have beautiful photos!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

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