With my holiday just around the corner, I’ve been making an effort to cut out eating rubbish. Work has been pretty busy lately so meal times seem to be a bit of a rush. One thing I’ve realised lately is how much easier and faster it is to eat crap. Healthy lunches and dinners take a lot more thought and preparation. But one thing I have found that’s easy to make and good to eat are eggs. Poached, scrambled, boiled. You name it and in the last couple weeks I’ve probably eaten it. In the last week I’ve been making the effort to get up a little earlier and boil a couple of eggs before work. That way I get to tuck into avo soft boiled eggs for breakfast, and hard boiled egg and steamed vegs for lunch. Since we’ve only got a microwave at work, I’m pretty restricted with what I can prepare. But then British Lion Eggs got in touch and offered me this electronic egg boiler and a little inspiration with their egg recipes online. This little baby lets me boil and poach eggs, as well as steaming vegetables. And after checking out some of British Lion Eggs’ recipes, I’m full of ideas for healthy lunches. Like how good do Gizzi Erskine’s Turkish eggs look?! So now I feel a lot less restricted with my options. Just in time for what looks like a week of late nights in the run up to the launch of Precept’s new website and a whole bunch of pre-holiday deadlines. At least I’ll not have my bikini body to worry about though!


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