You know that feeling when you haven’t posted for ages and you get majorly hung up on what to share next? That. I’m blaming that for my recent silence. And a never ending to do list at work that means all I want to do when I get home is crawl into bed and read my book. After a busy couple of weeks though, and a visit to the Thinking Digital conference (more on that soon), by Thursday I felt like I was ready to fall over. But then the fellas at I Sunk Your Battleship got in touch to let me know about their launch party for their new Liberty print tees. And who’s really going to turn down an invite to a launch party at Capology with free wine and free Longhorns?
I wouldn’t say I’m that into street wear, at all. In fact, I’d go as far to say street wear is probably lightyears away from the stuff I’d usually wear. So when I first got the invite I was a bit sceptical about whether there was any point going down. But when I actually read the email, I actually really liked the new Liberty range. And I was quite intrigued to actually get down to Capology and have a look around! It’s safe to say the decor of the store on High Bridge, and the tees, didn’t disappoint. Obviously being menswear they’re a nice boxy shape which is what I’d look for in t-shirts. There’s nothing worse than something clingy or tight fitting. And when they’re a boxy shape, they’re perfect for rolling up the sleeves and tucking into high waisted stuff. I actually think I could see myself wearing one of the small grey or navy numbers tucked into my leather skirt! Maybe if I got one in a S or an XS…
With the wine and the BBQ food flowing, me and Bosson helped ourselves to brisket and pulled pork brioche buns, while checking out the range. With their muted tones, I’m actually a really big fan. And if I don’t decide to get myself one, they could be a great gift for one of my younger brothers. Made from great quality material, each tee is carefully constructed here in the North East. Which in our era of ‘make em cheap’ and shady manufacturing chains, is a pretty impressive credential to have on your CV. And given there’s not much I feel stronger about than supporting local manufacturing, I probably don’t need too much convincing to invest in one (whether it ends up for me or a sibling!) So don’t be surprised if one ends up popping up on my blog soon!
Big thanks to Ross and the ISYB and Capology guys for having me along. Slow and low meat and lots of red wine are without doubt the best way to spend a Thursday night!

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  1. June 18, 2015 / 8:48 pm

    Looks like it was a good night, that food looks amazing too! 🙂

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