coat: Barbour, top: Zara (similar), skirt: Urban Outfitters, sandals: Topshop (similar), watch: Daniel Wellington, sunglasses: RayBan, satchel: vintage

Ok so if we just set aside my sporadic posting and blame it on holiday prep, can I just ask: what is with this weather? I mean seriously. It feels like summer just hasn’t happened this year and it’s already nearly over. Somehow we’ve only managed to scrap a handful of good days and some freakish thunderstorms. Which has pretty much left my summer wardrobe in complete chaos. I don’t know if i should be dressing for hot days, or preparing myself for a torrential downpour. I knew I needed a raincoat for Glastonbury, but who’d have thought my Barbour Ramspide would’ve seen so many outings? So with the weather still refusing to play ball (or stay consistent), I feel like the last few weeks I’ve been dressing like it’s summer and layering for winter…
Although it’s taken an age to get around to sharing this post, I feel like the jacket has become something of a staple at the minute. It’s not quite cold enough for a proper coat, but since the weather app has become my best friend, I’ve found this is so easy to shove in my big old Mulberry. Or toss in my car on the way out of the flat. Better safe than sorry. Plus, look at it. I mean the colour, the fit, everything. I swear I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect fisherman’s jacket for YEARS, and this ticks all the boxes. AND it’s on sale! I love the shape and that it’s got plenty of room for layering underneath. I’m usually between a UK size 8 and 10, and I got this in an 8 and find it quite loose fitting. So definitely no need to size up! The only thing it can’t handle is too much of a torrential downpour (as I discovered the hard way in Glasto). But then those showers are on another level. And it seems to be coping ok here. Fingers crossed. And since I’ve been warned there’s a threat of thunderstorms while I’m away next month, I think I may be bringing it along to Canada.
So yeah, it’s taken me a while to get my arse in gear and now I’m sat frantically sorting out insurance and making mental notes of everything I need. I mean I know I don’t need that many outfits for the next couple of weeks, but I need to have choices, right? So anyway, I’m blaming packing but really I’ve just spent the last week (after persuading Sarah to come out and shoot these photos), trying to find some headspace. And a spare moment to write. But my head just hasn’t been in the right space. I just couldn’t seem to force any words out, so rather than just pen something completely mediocre, I thought I’d just wait. Since getting back from Glastonbury, the last couple of weeks have flown over. And now Canada is just a couple of days away. Where is time going at the moment?! I feel like I’ve barely had time to recover from my last festival and I’ve got less than a week until I’m doing it all again at Way Home. So now I’ve (semi) got my head back in the right space, I’ll be sharing my festival and holiday prep posts soon… Like I’ll possibly be sat typing away in a departure lounge.. but STILL.

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