Straw hat |
armlet |
Floral headband |
Crochet top |
Denim shorts |
Flower sunglasses |
Metallic tattoos |
Bumble and bumble Dry Shampoo |
Bumble and bumble Surf Spray |
Raincoat |
Wellies |
Neon bodypaint

With V Festival this weekend and Leeds next weekend, we’re finally coming to the end of festival season. Almost time to pack up the denim hotpants, floral crowns and metallic tattoos for another year. Although I’ve managed to indulge in my fair share of festivals this summer, I’m still a bit sad about it. I know festivals definitely divide people. And yeah, I get that sleeping in a field and getting drunk for a week isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. And yes, the toilet situation is extremely grim. But that’s not the point. There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you’re there, surrounded by your friends, listening to music you love. All of sudden the mud doesn’t matter. And how tired you are doesn’t even come into your head. Yeah your wellies are rubbing on your feet after the first few days tramping about. But who cares? In that moment, none of that stuff matters. It’s funny though because actually I’d somehow never got around to going to any festivals until last year. And I don’t think there’s a better way of losing your festival virginity than with Glastonbury. I guess it’s a bit late in the day to be sharing this, but since I’ve still got all my photos from Canada (and Way Home Festival) to sort through, I still felt like it made sense to share this. Albeit it feels pretty late in the day to be picking out my favourite festival pieces. I guess with pieces like the Target Dry raincoat and Hunter wellies are sort of year-round staples though. I was sent this raincoat just after Glastonbury (unfortunately it didn’t arrive soon enough to come with me) so I relied mainly on my yellow Barbour. But being even more lightweight, it’s such a useful little waterproof to roll up into a bag when the weather’s looking a bit iffy. Which lately seems to be pretty much every day.

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  1. August 22, 2015 / 3:38 pm

    Festival style is one of my favourite and I'm so sad it is all over for me for another year! This jacket would be perfect and keep you all dry 🙂

    Gisforgingers xx

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