In the last few weeks, I’ve really felt like I needed to take a little more me time. But to be honest, it’s not something that I’ve ever been that good at. In my head it sounds amazing. The thought of spending a whole day just lazing about, drinking coffee and reading a magazine sounds like an absolute dream. In reality, when I do find myself with time on my hands, I spend more time fretting about how I should be using it best. And more often than not, I end up just being a hot mess that gets nothing done. I’ve never quite learned the art of just being still. Of just getting up and thinking, ‘yeah so today I’m going to do absolutely nothing’. Even the idea of it now makes me feel a bit twitchy. I just need to feel like I’m doing something worthwhile in my time. But the last couple of weeks has made me realise that actually doing little things for myself is a good use of my time. Like indulging myself with a longer lie in than normal. Or staying in a hot bubble bath with a good book until my skin starts to pucker. Or treating myself to some cheap flowers.*
*Although on this occasion, this lovely bunch was a nice surprise from Blossoming Gifts! (They’ve also very kindly offered my readers 33% discount with the code: BGIFTS33. The only bouquets excluded are the ‘Flowers By Post’ range!) Let’s face it, huge, bright hydrangeas like these aren’t your average bunch of supermarket flowers. When they arrived at work in their giant box with a nice note and a little box of chocolates, they definitely made my day. Isn’t it funny how sometimes it’s just the little stuff that makes all the difference? Ultimately the last couple of weeks have been about taking a step back from everything. With all the craziness of work and life lately, I’ve felt the need for a little extra indulgence in my day to day. I’m not talking like full on spa days, but just products that make you feel a bit more pampered than usual. So I thought I’d share a few of my current faves for skin, hair and teeth.
I don’t want to go into it here, but hair has been something of an issue for me for a while now. I’ve fallen in love with Kerastase Densifique though. Honestly, I’ve never had a product like it. It gives my hair more fullness and makes for such a beautiful blowdry that I feel as though I’ve just stepped out of a salon when I use it. I’m also addicted to Ojon’s Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Conditioner to make my hair feel nourished. I love them both because they’re the sort of throw on in the shower products that leave you with an incredible blowdry without massively interfering with your day. Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Conditioner is hands down the easiest hair treatment I’ve ever tried. You leave it in for 2 minutes in the shower and it leaves your hair deeply conditioned and ridiculously glossy. While on the skin front, I’ve switched from my usual dermalogica to a SK:N cleanser and moisturiser. Although there’s a SK:N clinic in Newcastle, I’ve not actually tried their products out before. But when my usual products ran out, there seemed no harm in trying. Although I’m kinda bummed to say I’m using an anti-ageing moisturiser at 25, (26 next month.. eek!). Even if it says it’s for younger skin… I’ve also been experimenting with a new whitening and enamel repair treatment, Regenerate. I was recently sent a whitening kit from Smile Brilliant (more on that later), so it’s been quite interesting to use this following my whitening. Unlike the kit, this toothpaste replaces your normal one but is designed to build your teeth’s enamel back up. I’ve definitely noticed that since using it my teeth do look a little more whiter than their natural colour. But also that I’m experiencing less sensitivity. Although the £10 price tag is a bit steep for toothpaste, I think it’s worth investing. And if it adds a little bit of a spring to your step, then why not?
If I’ve taken anything from the stuff that’s happened this year, it’s that it’s always worth investing the time and money into looking after number one. Whether that’s a fancy cream that makes your skin feel like silk or a bunch of flowers that lift your spirits. Or even an afternoon to yourself, to watch trash on Netflix and flip through your big stash of unread fashion magazines, that you’re always too busy to get to.

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