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Maybe it’s just me, but there’s nothing I hate more than trying to make wishlists. I mean, it’s not like I don’t like getting the stuff. Believe me, I do. But as soon as someone asks me if there’s something I want, my mind goes completely blank. Totally empty. As if there isn’t a big long list of stuff I’d love someone to buy me. This year feels as though it’s been even worse than usual. I mean, Christmas has crept up so fast this year I’ve barely had a chance to feel festive. Let alone start listing what I want from Santa. I wouldn’t say I’m much of a beauty buff but I always think the festive season is the perfect time to treat yourself to fancy makeup. You know those indulgent palettes and things you don’t NEED, so you don’t really want to buy yourself? Anything Nars. Or Chanel. Or sparkly. Nail polishes, highlighters, I’ll take the lot please. I’ve even developed a bit of a thing for eyeshadow lately (more on that soon though). Other than a couple of dreamy bits and pieces (and the essentials), this year I don’t really want things for Christmas. Rather than try to jam more trinkets into my already teeny bedroom, I think what I’d like more for Christmas is experiences. Preferably spontaneous weekends away and city breaks. But I mean, I’d happily take an indulgent afternoon at Urban Retreat’s Moroccan Hammam. Any sort of back treatment or massage, and I’m yours.

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