Holiday heroes, resolutions, realisations and new starts

So the holidays are over and back to work blues has already kicked in. Already. I mean, it’s actually only been two days. And yet I’m already convincing myself that actually, come to think of it, real life is not for me. No thanks. I’ll go back to eating my body weight and drinking prosecco. In my last post I touched on my resolutions this year and the focus I want to give 2016. Mainly I want to focus on doing more. Over the holidays ran a competition to find their holiday hero. Their competition was hunting for people who’ve done amazing work in their local community. Whenever I read about people who are making a difference, it always makes me inspired to do more. What difference am I making and what more can I do to give back or to help people? In my day job I get the privilege of working with some brilliant minds. People who’ve had a great idea and just ran with it. I help them take a step back and develop their brand’s strategy. Sometimes it means untangling the mess that early stage excitement has caused to figure out their next logical steps. One thing I love about working in a marketing role is the opportunity to help people. To help them make sense of things and to help them grow and learn. For the past 12 months I’ve had a little project in my head that might be able to do just that. It’s a collaborative project, which means I’ll need to enlist some help. But after a year of pushing it to the back of my mind, I’ve decided this is the year to give it a go. 2016 is about to bring a lot of change into my life, so it makes sense to wade through my web of ideas now. Before they get too tangled up in the excitement of new starts.

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