Uncommon Goods, gifts and serious adventure planning

With the Easy Jet sale and my holiday booking bug continuing, travel is still taking over my brain. So after booking another trip (this time to Geneva), I took into my head that I fancy myself one of those scratch off maps. Towards the end of 2015, I decided this year was going to be the year I saw as much of the world as I can afford. Why not get myself a little momento to record my progress? So in search of nice ways to record my travels, I found this scratch map and scratch travel journal. (Both of which make cute ways of ticking off places on my list, the travel journal especially.) And in the process I found, Uncommon Goods. Something between an Etsy and a Not On The Highstreet, Uncommon Goods offer unique gifts from artists and small manufacturers. Their approach lets suppliers make products in a more socially and environmentally friendly way. It’s all about sustainability. And after getting lost on their site for a few hours, I’m probably going to end up with all sorts! I’m not trying to encourage your spending (because I reckon most of you might be still feeling the pinch after Christmas and a bleak January. But with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day creeping up, it’s the perfect place to inspire your gift ideas. There’s so many unique pieces, and it’s always great to know you’re supporting artists and smaller manufacturers.

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