Lifestyle: New starts and refreshed spaces

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In an attempt to restore some sort of balance and calm, I'm trying to feng sui my life. One room at a time. Amidst the chaos of what's happening in Europe, I feel like the last few days have been almost a complete write off. My mind is wandering and I'm finding it hard to concentrate on anything. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll already know my political stances, and how I'm feeling in light of Friday's result. And after a fruitless few days work wise, I'm making the effort to get myself back on track and focused again. When it comes to my writing, and especially my blogging, I find that I'm very sensitive to my circumstances and surroundings. The last six months have brought monumental change, and it seems that the next are set to do the same. So rather than allow myself to become overwhelmed by what's going on around me, I'm trying to find my own focus. I'm a firm believer that a clean workspace, can bring with it a clear mind. And since I've started working more from home, that means giving my room a little refresh. Along with investing in a new metal bed frame, I've been spending countless hours on Pinterest, pinning clean, clutterless rooms that might bring me the white noise I'm craving. I'm pricing up chunky knitted, cotton blankets on Etsy, Edison bulbs and wondering how many succulents to adorn my shelves with. If I can't find headspace right now, the next step seems to be to try and create my own tranquil space, hoping that the words will come back soon. Since the start of the year, almost everything in my life has changed, so it feels like the right time to give things a refresh. Maybe it's just a distraction. If nothing else though at least I'm going the right way about finally getting my room in order.

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