Lifestyle: Quayside strolls and trips to Redhouse

Between new client wins, work commitments and trips, the last few weeks have flown over. I feel like I’ve got so much new content to share and no time to actually sit still and write it up. Editing photos feels like a chore when the sun’s out or you’re on a client deadline, so I’ve just been pushing things back. With my trip to Venice tomorrow sneaking up on me, I’m making it my mission to get organised when I get back home! One of the great things about being freelance is that I’m getting a lot more opportunities to get out and take photos. So I really should be making the most of it.

With this summer’s weather remaining decidedly unpredictable, this dress has been one of my favourite pieces. I picked it up in H&M back in March but it’s only really been in the last couple of months, I’ve had the chance to wear it. I’ve noticed this season a lot of my sartorial choices have centred on comfort and practicality. Definitely a sign of getting older but really, I’m over pouring myself into skin tight shorts or heels that make my feet throb. I’d rather throw on a nice sundress and a pair of sandals thanks.

Despite investing in my new Gucci disco, this vintage satchel is still one of my go-to bags. I could spend hours trawling sites like Rokit or rummaging around vintage shops, and I picked this up at a vintage fair for about £5. It’s one of those perfectly weathered, just a little bit beaten up, beauties that goes with everything. Perfect if you need something to throw over your shoulder for an afternoon walk along the Quayside to blow away those creative cobwebs. Well to be honest, I’ll use any excuse for a Wednesday trip to Redhouse for pies, mash and peas.

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