Lifestyle: Becoming a more active person & finding my fitness

The last couple of months have brought a lot of change. It’s strange to think how all of a sudden things can get turned on their head, but 2016 has definitely been a year for new beginnings. And now we’re over halfway through the year, and I’m finding myself starting several new ones. One of the most prominent being, my finding my fitness! Now those of you who know me well, know that when it comes to exercise, I fall more on the lazy end of the scale. In the past I was always quite outdoorsy and a bit of a water baby. But when it came to the end of school the only things I held on to were my love of ballet and a bit of swimming (but usually reserved for a holiday activity). It’s not that I stopped enjoying an active lifestyle. It’s just that between work, seeing friends and everything in between, it was always last on my list. Until I met someone who changed my mind about all of that. Between adventures in the Lakes and surf lessons, I’m slowly but surely becoming a more active person. I’ve climbed trees, swam in the North Sea and now I’m actually genuinely debating whether to invest in some Proline skates. So when the Newcastle Gateshead Marriott Hotel reached out and offered me the chance to take part in their Big Summer Shape Up and get Fit In Six, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Along with a 6 month gym membership, I’m working through a specially designed fitness programme and (once I’ve worked on my stamina and strength a little more) I’ll be having six personal trainer sessions. Sound intense, right? Especially for someone who has never been to the gym in their lives. But I feel like I’m ready for a challenge. And since I’ve got another holiday planned in six weeks time, I’m definitely not about to turn down the chance to get some professional help working on my bikini body! Stay tuned…

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