Food: Hosting the perfect dinner party with La Belle Assiette

Can you really get any more hygge than soft light, white tablecloths and a great dinner with friends? Now don’t get me wrong, when it comes to dinner parties, I’m anything but an expert in the matter! So when La Belle Assiette offered me the chance to host a dinner party, completely catered by one of their chefs, I jumped at the chance to spend an evening with good friends over great food.

For those of you not familiar with the concept, La Belle Assiette offer a unique way to rediscover the pleasure of entertaining by basically removing the bits that no one really likes that much. Namely all the preparation, getting the timings right for all the courses, and of course the washing up afterwards. Their chefs spend time carefully curating a menu for your party using the finest ingredients. Then on the evening of your dinner party, come and cook it in your kitchen, serve each dish to you and your guests. And then (probably best of all) clean up afterwards! Leaving you to relax with your guests.

Now when it comes to hosting guests, I love my flat but it’s not the biggest. And while the views are great, the rooms itself aren’t that photogenic. So I asked Anna and Andrew to play host for the evening in their beautiful Georgian home where we started the evening with a couple of bottles of prosecco while we awaited the arrival of our chef for the evening, David (definitely be sure to check out his Instagram and Facebook for more of his work).

Starting us with some nibbles of puffed buckwheat and freshly baked sour dough with whipped butter, David got to work preparing our feast. From North Sea crab with butternut squash and salted peanuts, to poached lobster, baked carrots and laksa, we worked our way slowly through the beautifully presented courses before finishing our evening with coal roasted banana, salted caramel and coffee granita. Followed by coffee and homemade vanilla fudge and meringues.

If you’re planning a special get together, I’d definitely recommend employing the services of La Belle Assiette. Because why wouldn’t you want to take away the stress of orchestrating the perfect dinner party and just enjoy being there? Easiest host option ever. Ridiculously photogenic Georgian house optional.

Big thanks to David and La Belle Assiette for serving up a delicious evening.

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