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While I definitely have a love of adventure and visiting far-off places, when it comes to my living situation, it seems I’m a bit of a home bird. I’ve lived in the North East my whole life, and I can honestly say I still love this place. Not that I’m totally opposed to leaving, and recently I did have an interesting opportunity to leave the region. And despite the fact that the opportunity fell through, it made me think a lot about what it would mean to leave home and go live somewhere totally new. When you live abroad, you will sometimes feel isolated and miss your friends and family back home. This is perfectly natural, but fortunately, there are a few excellent ways to stay in touch in today’s day and age which will help you to feel connected to your loved ones. Email and messages through social media are one way, but it can be hard to really feel connected through these methods. Instead, try these great communication tools.

Skype, or any similar service, is great as it enables you to both see and hear the person that you are speaking to. This means that you can have a proper conversation and gauge their reaction, which is much better than sending instant messages. Additionally, you can have group conversations, give them a tour of your home or even watch films “together” through this method.

Technology has made it quick and easy to stay in touch with people all around the globe, but there is still something special about sending and receiving packages. You can stay in touch by sending them a parcel that shows that you are thinking of them; this package could include a handwritten letter, photos showing what you have been up to and a gift (food that they may not be able to get back home will be a good option). Sending parcels is made quick, easy and affordable when you use reputable carriers like TNT.

Online Games
Sending emails or catching up on Skype is a great way to stay connected, but it is not quite the same as just hanging out with family or friends. There are many games that you can play together online with chat functions or websites where you can watch videos together; these will help to recreate those special Sunday evenings.

Keep a blog
If you are overseas, your family will certainly want to know everything that you are up to and what life is like in a different country. Keep them updated by keeping an online blog where you can post your thoughts and photos. These will have comment sections where you will be able to communicate.

Living overseas can be tough at times and there will be periods where you miss home. Keeping in touch is easier than ever in today’s day and age thanks to the internet, plus there are some terrific new and old ways to really connect with your family and keep them updated.

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