Lifestyle: 5 reasons why you should invest in your jewellery

When it comes to our jewellery boxes, for most of us, our costume jewellery far outnumbers our finer pieces. And yes, while it's tempting to treat yourself to cheaper fashion jewellery, I wanted to share five reasons to invest in your jewellery is a smart move.

As a general rule I try to invest more in expensive jewellery and buy less often, as opposed to regularly indulging in a high street jewellery haul. So while I tend to have a big mix of jewellery in terms of its value, it's usually always real silver or gold. Call me a snob but I get very attached to thing, so it makes sense to me to buy only precious metal pieces and spend a little more to ensure it's great quality. So why build a capsule collection of key pieces?

1. Your jewellery will always last you a lot longer

That way you don't have to worry about metals oxidising or getting too battered out of shape with wear. When I fall in love with something, I want to know it's made to last; I feel the same way about always buying leather bags, shoes and even boyfriends... Plus it means that cost per wear, it's better value.

2. If you choose timeless pieces they'll become heirlooms

Kind of the same idea as the first one but it makes sense that if you're buying a piece to last, to look for something timeless. A classic diamond ring or simple bangle, will never go out of style which means your future children/grandchildren will continue treasuring it.

3. Precious metals and stones retain their value

When you're investing in precious metals or stones, it's a pretty solid investment because you know that it will hold most of its value. Sure, the prices of gold and silver do fluctuate, but buying jewellery isn't like buying a car or an expensive phone, you won't lose money as soon as you've walked out the shop.

4. Your pieces can be completely unique

Let's face it, there's nothing special or particularly skillful about the mass produced pieces that end up on the highstreet. Generally I prefer sourcing jewellery from antique places because I love to find pieces that are unique. But independent jewellers are also a great place to source beautiful pieces that not everyone will have.

5. Each piece of jewellery will have its own story

Another reason I love looking in antique shops and at second pieces, is that I'm fascinated by the history of older pieces of jewellery. Whether it's beautifully delicate Victorian engraving or handcut diamonds, there's something about the level of detail in older pieces that you don't find as often in modern ones. But whether you’re buying old or new, taking the time to curate your collection means that each piece will be carefully considered and have its own story from where and when you found it, to what happened while you were wearing it.

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