Lifestyle: The art of Swiss ice cream with Mövenpick

It’s not often that an email drops into your inbox asking you how you’d like an ice cream consultation but thanks to Mövenpick, that’s exactly how I spent my Friday afternoon yesterday. Makeup consultation, sure I get that. Perfume consultation, yeah kind of that makes sense. But ice cream? That’s not one I’ve come across before but I guess Mövenpick’s Craig David style of approach (remember that song?) to figuring out people’s flavour really works. Especially when there’s 27 of them to choose from. (And yes, I know that Craig David spelt it flava though to be hip and very noughties, but same thing). And with their first UK boutique opening in the Metrocentre, how could I pass up the opportunity to spend an entire afternoon eating ice cream?

From Alfonso mangoes from India to handcrafted caramel from Switzerland, Mövenpick’s award-winning, luxury ice cream uses only the finest ingredients. This isn’t just any sort of ice cream parlour, with its slick, minimal interior, Mövenpick profess to offer the art of Swiss ice cream. But it’s not the interior that draws you in. It’s that unbelievably good smell of freshly cooked waffle that’s irresistible.

Following my consultation, the team decided I was more the fruity end of the taste spectrum. So I was treated to a mouth-wateringly good sundae of tart lemon and lime, and passion fruit sorbets and creamy mango ice cream, delicately decorated with raspberries and popping candy. Since the boutique tailors each dessert to their customers, there’s an extensive selection of sundaes on offer, or you can choose to create your own. Definitely I’d recommend opting for the latter however the Cherry Bakewell is on my list of sundaes to try next!

Big thanks to the Mövenpick team for offering me the ice cream consultation and for an indulgent afternoon. Anytime anyone needs me to help out testing ice cream, I’m totally there!

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