Lifestyle: Finding flowers with meaning


Giving someone flowers can say a lot. Flowers can say sorry. They can say thank you. They can tell someone good luck. Or wish them happy birthday. But have you ever given much thought to the meaning behind the blooms themselves or the language of flowers?

Whereas nowadays we choose flowers simply for their aesthetics, once upon a time, that wasn't the case. In Victorian times, flowers were a means which allowed male suitors to send messages to their sweethearts. Developing a secret, romantic language to be deciphered by their desired lady, gentlemen would carefully select different varities and sizes of flower for a bouquet. Layered with meaning and symbolism, the finished bouquet would reveal to its receiver her suitor's intentions and the measure of his love.

Although they might have a little less of a complication message behind them now, I really like the idea that choosing flowers for someone could take on a whole new, deeper meaning. Maybe it's the romantic in me, but there's something about knowing that you've carefully selected a bunch and there's more to your posey than meets the eye. And after seeing Flying Flowers' latest guide on birth flowers, it seems I'm obviously not the only one!


Just like horoscopes, each month of the year is bestowed with at least one variety of flower. And in turn, each one has its own accompanying symbolism. Take someone that's born in November, like me. Our birth flower is a chrysanthemum, a flower that symbolises friendship, joy and compassion. And its symbolism? With its ability to appeal to many, the flower is said to reflect those born in November, whose passion and intensity can be hard to ignore. Each month's flowers are chosen to reflect the personality of the receiver, conveying something about them that maybe you love or admire.

I think what I love about the idea is that you don't necessarily have to tell someone why you've carefully picked out a certain posey. You can let the flowers speak for themselves, but it's a really sweet gesture to know that your gift can open itself up to a whole new meaning. I already choose colours carefully - yellow flowers for friendship, orange for luck, and pink for love. I can't wait to start adding a little more meaning to my next chosen bunch.

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