Lifestyle: 30 things before I’m 30

What is about 30? As pathetic as it sounds, I feel like 30 is my scary age. That age where you're supposed to have had all your shit together. You know that age that you just always think sounds like it's a hundred years away? It's always felt like such a milestone; one of those benchmark ages that I've used to measure life. Plus it's the year my current passport, the passport of my twenties, runs out. Which kind of feels like a monumental moment! But with my 28th birthday creeping up, I've started to think of 'by the time I'm thirty' stuff in a different way. And I've decided I want a list: 30 things before I'm thirty.

It's something that I touched on in my travel wishlist post, and something that I've been thinking a lot about a the moment. Don't get me wrong, I'm still working on what my list might look like. And I don't mean that it's just going to be a travel list... Or really serious life affirming things. There's silly things that I want to check off, like going to my first roller disco (mainly just so I've got an excuse to buy myself a pair of funky skates!) And things I've never done before... like going snowboarding for the first time on a proper slope! Which hopefully I'll be getting to check off in January or February. However long and silly the list gets, doesn't really matter. I think what feels most important is about being a little more mindful and living in the moment for the last couple of years of my twenties.

If you've got a list already, I'd love to hear what's on it! Mainly to see if there's any ideas I want to steal! I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should've started this thing years ago... But I guess there's no time like the present?

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  1. October 29, 2017 / 6:41 pm

    You’ve already achieved so much/ visited soooo many places so the thought of you doing 30 more exciting things in two years, is crazy! Some things on my personal bucket list is ride a hot air balloon, visit an alpaca farm, milk a cow, visit Kielder Observatory, drive around Iceland’s Ring Road, attend Oktoberfest in Munich, attend the La Tomatina festival, and surprise my mum with a trip away!

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