Lifestyle: Styling our new bedroom


When we first moved into the new house, I didn't really give interior posts too much thought. But after the success of my last one, on our sitting room, I thought I'd give you a little tour around our bedroom!

One of the things I love about moving into a new place, (after the hellish ordeal of packing and unpacking your entire life), is starting with a blank canvas. Inevitably when you've lived somewhere for long enough, you start accumulating a lot of stuff. Now I don't mean meaningful things or prized possessions here. What I'm talking about is the inevitable stuff that just creeps into your life and clutters it up. Things that you can't remember how you acquired or why you've chosen to keep, but now don't want to get rid of. And there's nothing like moving into a new place that helps you feng shui the lot of it.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a box room that's been packed full of stuff. So when we got the new place, with its beautiful high ceilings and bare wooden floorboards (which may have began life as carpeted, but that's another story...), I was excited to finally have a bedroom where I had the option to arrange furniture in more than just the way it fit into the room. Now, with so much space at my disposal, I was finally ready for a room that wasn't filled with so much stuff and to keep as much my newly found space as possible. There's still a few details we want to add (like maybe a personalised prints from our travels to add to the walls), but now we've finally got the place in order, I thought I'd share a few photos and show you around!


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