About me

Raspberry Kitsch is a Newcastle based travel, lifestyle and fashion blog written by Hannah Layford. Established in 2009 and having undergone a recent rebrand, Raspberry Kitsch has evolved from a casual creative outlet and personal style journal. Featuring mainly original content and photography, alongside brand collaborations and sponsored content, Raspberry Kitsch is predominantly aimed women aged 18-35. With its personable and accessible tone of voice, articles are written to inform, engage and inspire. Whether that’s traveling to new places, finding out about the latest restaurants or sartorial ideas.

Want to chat about how we can collaborate? Email Hannah on hannahlayford@icloud.com


I’m an English Literature graduate currently working as a freelance brand consultant. Having worked in the creative industry for the past 5 years, I recently became self-employed, working closely with local brands and continuing to write on a freelance basis.

Back in 2009, I started blogging without a clear direction and over the years Raspberry Kitsch has naturally evolved. It’s now my focus to grow and expand my audience with compelling content and beautiful imagery. Having recently rebranded and spent the last 6 months working closely with the Moroccan Tourist Office, travel has been a natural focus of my blog. Over the last 6 months I’ve visited 5 different countries and already am looking forward to more trips later in the year.