SIX Private Dining Area: posh food and pretty views part 2


The other week I was invited back along to SIX to experience their newly done out private dining area with a bunch of other NE bloggers. Since my last trip to SIX back in November, I’ve been dying for another visit, and this one didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately the photos did a little because the room was lit with red mood lighting.. nice for the atmosphere, not so great for food photos… So I’m afraid I don’t have many to share!

After taking a seat beside Sarah and Polly, spending a good 20 minutes gossiping, I realised I had no idea what I wanted to order. Part of me had hoped there would be some kind of set menu which wouldn’t allow choices – since I always end up so flustered by them. However, we were given a choice of three dishes for each course. Seeing my panic starting to set in, Polly took over the situation and ordered on my behalf, selecting the treacle cured salmon. While Polly and Sarah opted for the Pigeon and Ham Hock Terrine, Celeriac Purée with Spiced Fig.. which after trying theirs, I think I would have preferred! My salmon dish was served with fine bean and radish salad, sesame and wasabi mayonnaise and was just the right amount for a starter. Although I’d let Polly pick, it wasn’t a dish I’d usually have gone for so it was nice to try something completely different. I’m not the biggest fan of wasabi so most of the mayonnaise was pushed to one side of my plate while I enjoyed the salmon. Being cured in treacle, it was pretty sickly (go figure), so I didn’t quite finish it off. Luckily, Sarah and Polly were happy to step in and sample a little.

For my main course, I was stuck for what to choose, again. So along with Polly’s suggestions, Steph, one of our hosts for the evening, offered a little help. Amazingly, it’s been almost a year since my last trip to SIX and yet Steph (who served me back in November) still managed to recall what I’d had for my last meal there. Unbelievable attention to detail! In the end, I decided on the roast fillet of cod served with Boulangere potatoes (my favourite!) girolles, sweetcorn and chicken jus. The cod was delicious: perfectly fluffy and worked really well with the creaminess of the potatoes. Sarah and Polly, chose the duck breast served with roast nectarine, broccoli, violet potatoes and lavender jus. When the mains arrived, I felt a pang of food envy (again), but they were both kind enough to let me try a little slither. Served perfectly pink and with the lavender jus adding the perfect floral aroma to the dish, it was amazing! Although I find duck very rich, so after tucking into the treacle cured salmon, I was glad I’d opted for the cod!


Dessert is one of the only things I managed to find a half decent photo of on my camera. And of course it HAD to be featuring Sarah.. Ha, serves you right, mate! When we initially ordered, I had opted for the lemon posset, but quickly changed my mind and decided on the white chocolate cheesecake served with blackberries and lemon sorbet. However, the decision was not without its own little tither when I saw the triple layered brownie cake with peanut butter ice cream! So Steph, came to the rescue again and very kindly brought me out a double dessert – giving me a little try of the brownie!

After filling ourselves with food and wine (although I was on my best behaviour after a heavier night the week before at a certain blogging event.. ahem), we headed to the viewing box to enjoy coffee and petit fours. I was pretty stuffed by then so I took one little bite of fudge and needed to call it a night. With amazing food and the best views of the quayside, SIX is one of those places that you can’t help but love to visit. My only disappointment is that I didn’t get enough photos to do the grub justice! Guess, that’s a good excuse as any to plan my next visit!

dress: Asos

Note: First two photos were taken by Peter Atkinson

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  1. September 29, 2013 / 8:50 pm

    I've never been to six but its definitely somewhere I want to try. I love visiting the Baltic. X

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