cafe royal brunch
It’s just under two weeks until Christmas is here. In some ways I’m still trying to figure out where this year went, and in others, I’m glad it’s almost over! But even though it feels like Christmas has creeped up on us, I already can’t wait for it to be here. Having ventured into town yesterday afternoon though, I think it’s safe to say the majority of my final bits and pieces will probably end up being ASOS orders. There’s nothing worse than the hustle and bustle of the shops at the moment. And after pushing through crowds trying (and failing) to get my hands on a coat, I gave up and headed to Cafe Royal.


After trying to venture there with Bosson on Saturday, I couldn’t resist wandering past to see how bad the queues were. And much to my surprise, there was none! So I finally got to enjoy the eggs I’d been craving all weekend. As me and Sarah realised, there are only a handful of great places for lunch in Newcastle, let alone in the city centre itself. Cafe Royal is one of the few great places (besides Ernest) for eggs and they serve brunch until half 3 on a Sunday. Always great for the not so early risers (like me). The only trouble is, it’s not a very well kept secret, so on a weekend they get packed. Add crazed Christmas shopping to the mix, and you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be stuck waiting for a table. We must’ve lucked out though, because within minutes we were sat down and I’d ordered pots of tea, Eggs Royal and a raspberry scone.


So I’m still left with a couple of pieces to get, but I’m not feeling that guilty. I’m almost sorted and it was hard enough bundling myself and braving the cold. Even it was only for brunch in the end.. Sunday’s the day you’re supposed to take it easy on, right?

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