My Little Addiction

Since I just got back from my holiday yesterday, I’m still in recovery mode so have been enjoying a quiet Sunday chilling out before getting back to work tomorrow. I’ve not uploaded any of my holiday photos from my camera, (or even finished unpacking yet, for that matter), so I thought I’d share a post I’ve been meaning to write for the last few weeks about the gorgeous, My Little Addiction jewellery line.



A little while back I was lucky enough to win this pair of earrings from a giveaway on Rouge and Whimsy and I’ve been meaning to post about them ever since! Melanie, the lady behind My Little Addiction, lovingly crafts the pieces from high quality silver. All of her designs are simple but elegant pieces. I love the hammered silver and the attention to detail she puts into her jewellery. My earrings, Melanie forged the discs from 100% recycled Argentium silver, hammered them to about 1.5-2mm thickness, and then gave them a nice matte brushed finish. They’re not quite a perfect pair but they’re made not to be, and I love how unique they are. I’m not usually big on wearing earrings because I have quite a few problems wearing ones made from cheap materials but these are hypoallergenic. I love the design too- they’re so simple but they look really great in! I’ll need to upload a post soon wearing them so you can see properly how they look. If you fancy yourself a pair then you can find them on Melanie’s etsy store here. I’ve got my eye on her hammered initial rings and I think I’ll be investing in one of those soon!


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